When can we expect the latest Garmin sports watch

When can we expect the next Garmin or fitness tracker? What about in the year 2021?

Garmin’s forthcoming watches are the subject of a poll.

A poll has been posted in several popular Garmin-related Reddit forums, asking members for their thoughts on impending Garmin releases. Options include devices that are most expected to be released in the coming months, as well as a “Other” category. The following are the outcomes as of the writing of this article.

So far, more than 300 votes have been made by Garmin fans. With 129 votes, Fenix 7 tops the pack, followed by Forerunner 955 with 97 votes. A new MARQ watch, together with the Vivoactive 5, are in a distant third place with roughly 30 votes each, followed by Vivosmart 5 with 7 votes and “Other” with 27 votes.

There are three days remaining to contribute your voice to the poll, which can be found at this website. On Reddit, there has also been an interesting discussion about the results.

Our viewpoint on the matter

Are these figures accurate? Possibly not. Instead of reflecting real-world expectations, they could be a reflection of people’s hopes. The following are the release dates for the current versions of these devices

Vivoactive 4

It’s possible that the Vivofit 4 should be included in this list. The current version was launched in the fourth quarter of 2017. It’s doubtful that we’ll get an upgrade to this one because Garmin doesn’t appear to be interested in releasing a fifth generation.

The same may be said with Vivosmart. It was one of the first fitness bands with built-in GPS when it was released in Q3 2017. Because of its small size and color display, it has sparked a lot of attention. So it’s surprising that we haven’t seen Vivosmart 2 yet. It’s becoming increasingly unlikely that we will.

Next up should be Forerunner 955 or MARQ, or even Vivoactive 5.

In the survey, the Fenix 7 has the most votes. However, we don’t expect it to arrive until this fall at the earliest. Garmin tends to keep a two-year gap between successive generations. It wouldn’t make sense to release Fenix 7 so soon after the release of Enduro. After all, without the Pro features, Enduro is a Fenix 6X Solar. As a result, we can cross that one off the list. Fenix 7 is expected to arrive in late summer at the earliest, but fall is a better bet.

What’s the deal with the Forerunner 955? That’s a lot more likely to be the case. Since its official unveiling, there has been no interim edition, and there have been rumors that an LTE-enabled 955 is on the way. This year, March or April would be a good fit for the two-year release window.

Moving on to the Vivoactive 5, which we believe will not be released for at least another six months. MARQ, on the other hand, is a viable option. That one was released prior to Fenix 6, so it’s due for an upgrade.

Registration with the FCC

A recent FCC registration adds an interesting twist to the subject. That one’s secrecy clause expires on March 8th. That indicates a new Garmin watch could be released on that date, however there’s always the chance the business will extend the deadline.

It’s widely assumed that this is the Forerunner 955 or MARQ. Surprisingly, the numbers attached to the file suggest that this is a new version of the Garmin Descent GPS diving watch, maybe with a solar display.

Despite this, the datasheet indicates that the gadget will have a large number of bands to choose from. Silicone (Carrara White, Carrara White with Rose Gold Hardware, White with Black Hardware, Cerise, Black, Light Sand, Purple Storm, Spearmint, Shale Gray with Amethyst Hardware, Seafoam Blue, Black Silicone), Nylon (Heathered Black with Rose Gold Hardware, Heathered Black with Black Hardware), Leather (Shale Gray Suede), Metal (Shale Gray Suede) (Rose Gold-tone Stainless Steel).

Why would a diver’s watch require such a diverse range of straps? So maybe the Forerunner 955 or MARQ will be released next month. And who knows what might happen? There’s a chance we’ll see a completely new Garmin watch model!

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