When Will We Finally Get To Experience The Google Pixel Watch

Rumors of a smartwatch from Google have been circulating since circa 2018. Four years later, we appeared to be no closer to seeing it. However, that will have just changed. Jon Prosser, a reputable source for Android-related leaks, recently posted a video to his YouTube channel Front Page Tech. The video showed a glimpse into what the possible Google Pixel Watch may look like.

Jon Prosser claims to possess seen marketing material for the watch. He then collaborated with Ian Zelbo to make the renders you will see throughout this article.

The watch is, unsurprisingly, called the Google Pixel Watch with the interior code name ‘Rohan.’ Unfortunately, whilst we may have an idea of what the Google Pixel Watch will look like, any information about specs is being kept covert .

Google Pixel Watch Design

The Google Pixel Watch is said to feature a sleek and minimal design. It seems to be much slimmer than your average smartwatch. Consequently, we expect it to be lightweight and comfortable to wear.

This device seemingly has no buttons; however, similar to a lot of analog watches, there is a crown on the right of the watch. The round face, bezel-less design of the display wrap around the frame are not too dissimilar to the Samsung Galaxy Active 2. 

Google Pixel Watch Features

As stated earlier, this leak does not include any information about features. However, there are some things that we can make educated guesses about. The Google Pixel Watch is presumably going to use Wear OS. Being a Google creation, we might expect to see access to smart features such as notifications. Google Pay, Google Assistant, Google Fit and Google Maps also are likely to be included. Furthermore, Jon Prosser claims the marketing material used slogans like ‘Your route at a glance’, ‘Your agenda at a glance’, and ‘Your health at a look .’

With Google’s recent acquisition of Fitbit, it’s safe to say the Google Pixel Watch will have a suite of fitness features. We already realize it will include a heart rate sensor, supported by one of the images seen. Google also sent out a recent survey to people asking about new features they might like to see available in Wear OS. A number of these features included SPO2 tracking, sleep analysis, recovery time monitoring, stress tracking, and more. Could this be research for the development of the Google Pixel Watch?


A possible release date for the Google Pixel Watch is October 2022. However, Google does have a habit of delaying or canceling products completely. Consequently, like any leak, this leak must be taken with a pinch of salt.


It would certainly be exciting to finally be able to witness a Google smartwatch this year. Especially, if it could compete with the likes of Apple as people expect it to.

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