Where Does the Amazfit GTS 2 Fall Short of Its Expectations

When Huami announced the Amazfit GTS 2, we were left wondering what, if anything, would be different from the first generation of the GTS. The GTS gave tremendous value for the money, but it also included several fantastic features that were helpful in enhancing one’s physical fitness and general well-being. However, there were several aspects that needed some modifications, such as the design and the technology. Please read our review of the GTS 2 to learn more about the new features that it offers.

What’s Different About the Design of the Amazfit GTS 2

Everyone adored the Amazfit GTS despite the fact that it shamelessly imitated an Apple Watch. Customers who wanted a piece of the Apple action without paying for it were drawn in by the square face, the sleek design, and the variety of straps available for the watch. This concept serves as the basis for the GTS 2, which presents an even more fashionable version.

You will be able to check your device regardless of the illumination in the room because it has an AMOLED display that is 1.65 inches and is always on. The size of the case, which is 42 millimeters in diameter and can be either black or gray, is 1 millimeter less than that of the GTS. The strap is composed of silicone, which makes it very comfortable to wear on your wrist. In addition, you can switch it out for a different color option or purchase a third-party strap that will assist you in developing a distinctive appearance for your wrist.

What Kind of Activity Tracking Does the Amazfit GTS 2 Offer, and How Accurate Is It

Huami has put forth a lot of effort to improve the fitness monitoring capabilities of the GTS 2, and the device does not fall short in terms of its feature set. Thanks to the SpO2 sensor, the more than ten distinct sports modes, and the 24/7 tracking that this watch offers, you will not miss a thing from your day. In addition to counting your steps and keeping tabs on your heart rate, the watch also monitors your sleep patterns, allowing you to keep a close eye on every area of your health and welfare with ease.

You are able to keep track of your fitness journey while using the GPS mode; however, we feel obligated to point out that there are problems with the accuracy of this feature and indicate that while it is an excellent guide to what you have accomplished, it does frequently underreport your efforts. Nevertheless, the information that is provided as feedback is beneficial, and you can look forward to gaining additional insight into your typical speed and heart rate. At the same time, you work out, in addition to the distance that you have traversed.

How long does the battery on the Amazfit GTS 2 last before it needs to be charged again

The straightforward response to this question is that you may anticipate getting up to a week of use out of your Amazfit GTS 2 so long as you do not leave the GPS function turned on at all times. In addition, there is a basic model that can extend the battery life to approximately twenty-five days, while the GPS mode can cut the battery life down to only twenty-five hours. You can have confidence that the battery will give you the coverage you require, whichever model you choose. This is true regardless of the model you choose with.

The battery in question has a capacity of 246 mAh and represents an improvement over the battery found in the first-generation GTS. It is possible to attach it to the power port via a magnetic cable, and the charging process from empty to full takes approximately two hours. We discovered that you could adjust a wide variety of settings to assist in extending the life of the battery. These settings include brightness, monitoring of heart rate, music playback, and many more.

What Kind of Smartwatch Functionality Does the Amazfit GTS 2 Provide

Because the GTS 2 is compatible with both iPhone and Android, you will be able to receive notifications directly on your wrist regardless of the type of smartphone you use. You have the ability to customize the number of notifications that are sent to you, which can include things like incoming calls and messages in addition to alerts, reminders, and forecasts.

In terms of the audio, you are able to take calls through your watch, provided that it is close enough to your phone to link via Bluetooth. Additionally, you are able to hook up your wireless headphones to ensure that each call remains private. Both the built-in music player and the ability to interact with Alexa through the watch were capabilities that were missing from prior models of the product.

What Is It That Makes the Amazfit GTS 2 So Special

We appreciate many aspects of the GTS 2, but at the top of our list is the fact that it looks so much like an Apple Watch, allowing us to take advantage of Apple’s design aesthetic at a much more affordable price. In addition to that, it features an integrated music player, allowing you to listen to all of your favorite songs regardless of where you are. It is also important to note that although you might not be interested in purchasing this watch if you are a fitness enthusiast, it has a wide variety of fitness monitoring capabilities that will keep you motivated throughout the day.

Even while the Amazfit comes with a number of fantastic features, there are still a few areas in which we believe the next generation might use some enhancements. To begin, the battery life may be satisfactory, but it would be fantastic if it could provide weeks of charge rather than simply one week’s worth. Second, the tracking is not as exact as we would like it to be, which means that it might not be appropriate for players who take their sport very seriously. Last but not least, it does not currently have the functionality to compete with the likes of Fitbit or Apple, so if you are seeking a health companion, you should probably avoid the GTS 2 for the time being.

Should I Invest In An Amazfit GTS 2

When you examine the Amazfit GTS 2 in further depth, you will notice that it has a plethora of wonderful features to offer and boasts a price tag that will not cause you to go bankrupt as a result of purchasing it. It is essential to keep in mind that despite the fact that it may look like an Apple Watch, it is not, in fact, an Apple Watch. It features an appealing design that will keep track of your efforts and give you the feedback you require to improve your general fitness level. Overall, we believe that it is a good smartwatch that presents a significant advancement over the first generation of the GTS model.

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