Fitbit Charge 5 vs Mi Band 6 Review: Detailed Comparison

Fitbit Charge 5 vs Mi Band 6 Review: Detailed Comparison

A crucial decision to make is which fitness tracker would work best for your day-to-day activities. Not only can you get in better shape with a watch that tracks your activity, but most of these watches also come with various other watch features that can be useful. Which one do you think would work best for your life? To assist you in selecting, we have provided a comparison between the Fitbit Charge 5 and the Mi Band 6.

The Fitbit Charge 5 and the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 are two of the most well-liked wearable electronic devices now available. These two are tough competitors since each offers a variety of cutting-edge features and apps. The Mi Band may be purchased for a much more affordable price than the Fitbit, which is its primary point of differentiation. However, is the Fitbit worth the money that it costs?

Continue reading to find out which tracker will serve your needs the best!

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The following are the trackers:

Before we get into a comparison of the most important aspects of each tracker, let’s take a moment to get acquainted with the Charge 5 and the Mi Band 6.

Charge 5 from Fitbit

One of the most well-liked activity trackers now on the market is the Fitbit Charge 5, which was released in 2017. This high-end tracker is the brand’s flagship product since it possesses a variety of functions considered to be industry standards and more advanced sensors such as SpO2 and ECG monitors.

Although Fitbit is recognized for its trackers, the company’s most current model, the Charge 5, is undoubtedly one of its top models. Compared to the Charge 4 model, the Charge 5 has undergone a considerable update, demonstrating Fitbit’s increased complexity and advancement within the industry.

Mi Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is priced lower than the Mi Charge 5 fitness tracker. Despite this, it competes directly with Fitbit’s trackers by providing various cutting-edge features. This fitness tracker was upgraded from the Mi Band 5 model, and in addition to receiving new workout modes, it also received a larger display.

Although it is not the most well-known tracker on the market, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is a formidable competitor in the market for health and fitness tracking devices, particularly because of its affordable price. Keep an eye on this tracker because Xiaomi is planning to continue to pose a threat to Fitbit’s success shortly.

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Which of the two trackers has the advantages and disadvantages over the other?

Are you interested in learning more about the primary distinctions between these two fitness trackers? Here is a quick summary of the most important features and what each gadget has to offer!


These two contemporary trackers have very different layouts in terms of their construction. Regarding activity trackers, they often present a smaller and more streamlined appearance, but how do these two compare in this regard?

The Fitbit Charge 5 provides customers with a stainless steel appearance, an upgrade from the plastic case included on the Charge 4. This tracker is available in various colors (including lunar white, black, gold, graphite, and steel blue), giving customers the ability to select the look that best complements their personal aesthetic. You can further customize the look of your watch by purchasing extra bands online, which are also available. Depending on the requirements of your lifestyle, these also provide lightweight and sturdy solutions.

The Mi Band 6 is a sleek tracker with a small module attached to a silicone band. The Mi Band 6 retains the same look as its predecessors in terms of its design. On the other hand, it does not weigh a lot and may be worn without discomfort even when engaged in physical activity. Users can express their individuality through their choice of style thanks to this product’s variety of color options, including orange, yellow, black, white, blue, and olive.


When it comes to screens, fitness trackers are continuously receiving improvements; in light of this, what do these two options have to offer?

as part of the upgrade, a new AMOLED display was added to the Charge 5, which means that users can now select this option in color as well. Fans of the brand have been waiting for an update, such as the 1.04-inch display, which is a significant improvement over the black-and-white choice for the Charge 4. This screen also appears “always on,” and you can swipe through content on the watch more easily than before.

A similar improvement was made to the Mi Band 6 as compared to the Mi Band 5. This previous screen measured 1.1 inches, while the screen on the new Mi Band 6 measures 1.56 inches and uses an AMOLED display. This represents a 50 percent increase in screen size. The tracker now has a more polished appearance as a result of this change.

Conditioning and health

Because they focus on health and fitness, these two trackers provide users with access to a diverse selection of trackers and apps. But what differentiates them from the others?

The Charge 5 from Fitbit comes with several premium trackers, such as an ECG tracker, an EDA tracker, and a SpO2 sensor. Standard fitness functions such as a pedometer, sports modes, distance monitors, sleep tracking, GPS, and an altimeter are combined with these. This fitness tracker features over 20 distinct sports and routines, including yoga and cycling, in addition to other activities.

On the other hand, the Mi Band 6 is equipped with thirty distinct sports modes, some of which include walking, jogging, cycling, and treadmilling. This high-tech tracker also includes a blood pressure monitor, a heart rate sensor, and the ability to track sleep and blood oxygen levels. This band even comes equipped with a stress meter, a tracker for female health, and instructions for deep breathing.


The cost of each of these fitness trackers is one of the most notable distinctions between the two options. They are priced substantially differently despite the fact that they offer features that are comparable to one another.

The more recent Fitbit Charge 5, released in September 2021, may be purchased for roughly $179.9. The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 was introduced earlier than the Charge 5 in the year 2021 and can be purchased for a significant discount of approximately $60. Users need to evaluate whether or not it is worth it to spend more for a few additional features and a brand name because there is a significant price difference between the two options. Still, the difference in features is much smaller.

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From first impressions

Do you want a fast rundown of the ways in which they are alike and different? Here’s a quick list for you!


  • The Mi Band 6 is the product with the lower price point.
  • The Charge 5 comes equipped with built-in GPS capabilities.
  • The Mi Band 6 is equipped with PAI and has a more prominent display.
  • Both EDA and ECG sensors can be found in Charge 5.
  • The battery life of the Mi Band 6 is roughly double that of its predecessor (approx 14 days).
  • Fitbit Pay is accepted as a contactless payment option at Charge 5.


The following is a list of the direct parallels between the two watches:

  • Both of them are waterproof to a depth of 5 ATMs.
  • Both monitor your heart rate, calories burned, and stress levels throughout the day.
  • Both of them have screens that are AMOLED.

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The Key Point(s)

Your day-to-day activities can be improved with the help of dependable and precise fitness trackers, which are available from both brands. Depending on whether or not you want additional ECG functions and Fitbit Pay, you will need to decide whether you want to go with the more economical Mi Band 6 or, the more expensive Charge 5. Even though it has a higher price tag, the Charge 5 already includes a live tracker.

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