Apple Watch 3 vs Apple Watch SE Review: Detailed Comparison

Apple Watch 3 vs Apple Watch SE Review: Detailed Comparison

When we think about the Apple Watch SE in connection to the Apple Watch 3, we know that creating a comparison between the two can be difficult. This is because the Apple Watch SE has a smaller display than the Apple Watch 3. Users have been left wondering which capabilities on their Apple Watch are essential for them to perform normally and which ones they can function normally without. In the year 2020, Apple is planning a comprehensive makeover of the Apple Watch SE.

As a result of this, we are going to take a look at how the newest iteration of the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch 3 are similar to one another, as well as how they differ from one another. At the end of the day, the winner can be determined by one person’s opinion over that of another.

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The vast majority of blogs will detail all that one company can do in contrast to that of another, but they won’t talk about prices until the very end of the post. Let’s start by addressing the disparity in prices to obtain a clearer picture of the situation we’re in before we move on to anything else. After all, it’s likely that we don’t want to go beyond a certain range in terms of our goal.

Apple Watch SE

The recently released Apple Watch SE does not adopt the same high pricing structures as new releases, nor does it compete with them. In point of fact, it offers a more cost-effective alternative, with a price tag of only $279. When we compare that to more recent models, we see that it is a price that is actually relatively affordable. In spite of this, when compared to the pricing of an Apple Watch Series 3, it is significantly more expensive.

Apple Watch Series 3

Since it was first introduced to the general public in 2017, Apple has maintained a steady production rate for the Series 3 Apple Watch. Why? Because it enables Apple to give a product at a lower price that is nonetheless very popular despite being previously unavailable. This watch can be obtained for the greatest price when acquiring a new Apple Watch because its beginning price is roughly $150. Although it is an older model, this watch is available for purchase. You may purchase an Apple Watch 3 from a seller on eBay right now.

Design The design is the component in which we might start to observe some minute differences from one another. Or we may be unable to recognize them, despite the fact that there are, in fact, several important distinctions between the two that need to be emphasized.

Let’s start by breaking each of these down into their component parts.

Apple Watch SE

In terms of dimensions, the Apple Watch SE provides sizing options that are 2 millimeters larger than those available on the original Apple Watch. When working with the Series 3, you can work with either the 44 mm or the 40 mm sizes as opposed to the 42 mm and the 38 mm sizes.

The Apple Watch SE also has a speaker that is 50 percent louder than its predecessor and an AMOLED display that is 30 percent larger than the display on the Apple Watch it replaces. Both of these aspects of design and utility can impact a person’s choice in either direction. Therefore it is important to consider both of them when making a decision.

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Apple Watch Series 3

We have already highlighted that the Apple Watch Series 3 is just somewhat smaller than the Apple Watch SE. Still, there are a few other design differences that are worth noticing, including the following:

The crown is digital, and there are no haptic feedback options available.

An OLED display with a retina resolution that is of the second generation.

The actual display space was diminished due to the thick borders.

A greater degree of edge to the actual edges of the object.


When it comes to design, there are not a whole lot of similarities between the two, and if there had to be a winner, we would have to say that the SE looks quite impressive at this stage. However, if there had to be a loser, we would have to say that the XL looks extremely similar. Despite this, it is always vital to note important similarities, such as the display brightness staying the same at 1000 NITS.

The fact that they both have a battery life of 18 hours makes it more challenging to choose between the two of them. This is a huge advantage that one series has over another series in the vast majority of circumstances. They are also waterproof to the same degree, making it tough to choose a winner for folks who want to keep their watch on even while having a shower or going swimming.

Because here is where the majority of our decisions will be based, let’s look at the natural functions of the watch right now.

As you go through this part, you will notice that most of the features have been recategorized as preferable conveniences rather than critical components that can’t be done without. You will come to this realization as you get farther into the text.

Apple Watch SE

Even though both watches have two processors, the Apple Watch Series 3 is noticeably slower than the Apple Watch SE, which can offer results up to twice as quickly. Even though both watches have two processors, the Apple Watch Series 3 is significantly slower. This results in a significant reduction in the total amount of time spent loading programs and eliminate any lag that may have been there.

Because both watches make use of the same software, there is no discernible difference in how either one performs compared to the other, despite the growing significance of monitoring one’s health.

On the other hand, in contrast to the Apple Watch 3, the iPhone SE allows users to make emergency calls across international borders. This functionality is absent from the Apple Watch 3. People who travel worldwide ought to be mindful of this particular aspect of their experience.

Apple Watch Series 3

When compared to the Apple Watch SE, which has a capacity of 32 gigabytes, the storage capacity of the Apple Watch Series 3 is significantly lower, coming in at 8 gigabytes. This is a huge reduction. However, the “always-on” feature is only available on the SE model; thus, even if the altimeter on both watches can be used to track exercises that entail elevation changes and stair climbing, only the SE model has the “always-on” feature.

This indicates that the screen will gradually become darker, but it will never go entirely dark. Because it requires the user to restart the device manually, some buyers of the Apple Watch Series 3 find this function to be inconvenient and unsatisfactory.

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The Undeniable Champ

After reading this article, you might be left with the notion that choosing between the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch 3 is nothing more than a personal matter of taste. It would appear that the SE will consistently have an advantage over the Series 3 in the future. Nonetheless, it is essential to have a solid grasp of the relevance of a few of these variances. It is possible that the dimensions themselves are the more significant element, although some individuals will credit the larger display’s benefits to its ease.

Some people may not place as high a premium on certain luxuries as others do, such as the capacity to make international emergency calls and the “always-on” function. All of the applications and critical components will continue to function in a manner that is either extremely close to or identical to how they did previously because they both utilize the same software. This is because both of them use the same software.

The decision will come down to features of ease and little upgrades that make the watch somewhat more impressive, somewhat speedier, and somewhat more expensive. If financial constraints are not a concern, the SE will emerge victorious.

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