Fitbit Luxe vs Fitbit Inspire 2 Review: Detailed Comparison

Fitbit Luxe vs Fitbit Inspire 2 Review: Detailed Comparison

Wearable fitness trackers are an excellent tool for monitoring one’s general well-being. They are able to inform you how active or sedentary you have been during the day, which might assist drive you to move more. They even provide guidance on the kinds of foods that are best for you to consume… But which watch is the best option for you (or the person who will be receiving it)? In this post, we will examine the differences and similarities between the Fitbit Luxe and the Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness trackers. We’ll go over the benefits they offer and provide you with the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.


You’ll probably notice right off the bat that the Luxe and the Inspire 2 have very comparable dimensions and shapes. Both of the Fitbit trackers take on the appearance of a traditional “fitness band.” It guarantees an appearance that is uncluttered and unbroken.

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The Luxe features a case made of stainless steel with rose gold accents, and it has a screen measuring 1.39 inches diagonally. It also comes with a strap made of black silicone that you can wrap around your wrist, just like the Inspire 2 does.

Fitbit Luxe different angles

Both in terms of size and shape, the two are comparable. However, the Fitbit Luxe is a stunning watch that attracts customers who are passionate about fashion. It’s possible that your livelihood is contingent on the opulent impression that you convey to them. In such a case, this is something to think about.

The Luxe’s case is made of stainless steel metal, which gives it the appearance of being of the same high quality as a traditional metal watch. The device looks more luxurious thanks to its AMOLED color display. The disparity in cost is, without a doubt, an indication of such.

If appearance were the only factor, the Fitbit Luxe would be the clear winner. That is not true for minimalists, as far as we are aware. The casing of the Inspire 2 is crafted from polycarbonate of the highest possible quality. It comes with the typical silicone band that Fitbit uses, which has a metal buckle. The Inspire 2 may not have the same quality feel as the Luxe, but it does give sufficient endurance.

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Monitoring of Physical Efforts

Calorie tracking is included on both of the different Fitbit devices. However, their capability to monitor and record behavior is distinct from one another. Both of these devices monitor your heart rate as well as the number of steps you take, the number of calories you burn, the distance you travel, the number of floors you climb, and the number of stairs you ascend and descend.

Both of them include over 20 different fitness modes and are resistant to water (up to 50 m). You can’t get through your sweaty workouts or any activities that involve water without it.

In addition, when coupled with an app that is compatible, they provide automatic workout recognition. We cannot stress enough that neither of the trackers come with a GPS already installed. During your workouts in the great outdoors, you really must have your phone on you at all times.

Users of any Fitbit gadget are able to establish personal benchmarks for weight loss, step count, and kilometers traveled. You may get an idea of these developments by looking at the graphs and charts. It provides you with visual indicators that measure your progress, which helps you stay motivated.

Both the Luxe and the Inspire are great options for tracking your daily activities and offer comparable value and benefits.

The gadgets are comparable with regard to monitoring sleep. Both models are capable of monitoring your sleep, waking you up with the “Smart Wake” feature, and providing you with a score based on how well you slept. While you are sleeping, you can enjoy a pleasant fit thanks to the silicone materials and the thin band.

Both trackers allow you to monitor your heart rate at all times and keep track of your menstrual cycle. You are able to view your heart rate variability (HRV), as well as your resting heart rate, and breathing rate (RHR).

What happens, though, if you want MORE?

This is where the Fitbit Luxe really shines as a fitness tracker. It comes equipped with a pulse oximeter that can determine the oxygen saturation level in your blood (SpO2). It is obtainable by downloading the most recent firmware update from Fitbit. It is something that the Inspire 2 does not have because it does not possess the red and infrared sensors that are found on the Luxe to detect your SpO2.

Additionally, the Luxe is capable of determining the temperature of your skin. Because the temperature of your skin fluctuates so frequently, you shouldn’t use it as a thermometer. Nevertheless, changes in skin temperature that are out of the ordinary and unanticipated can be indicators of other illnesses. Therefore, it could be worthwhile to conduct the research.

In addition to that, the Luxe has a feature that can measure your stress levels. It will provide you with a stress management score that will assist you in determining how effectively your body manages stress throughout the day. In order to generate a score, it takes into account important information about you, such as your heart rate, exercise levels, and sleep patterns.

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Smartwatch Functions and Features

Each watch has its own limited set of ‘smart’ capabilities in addition to measuring your distance traveled, calories burnt, steps done, heart rate, and the amount of sleep you get. You are able to receive calls, text messages, and notifications with either of the Fitbit trackers that you purchase. Additionally, they are compatible with mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

If you have the “Find with Tile” app downloaded on your smartphone, the Inspire 2 will be able to use the Tile technology to assist you in finding it if you misplace it. You will never need to worry about losing your watch again as long as the battery is still functioning properly. It is only available on the Inspire 2 platform.

They are both lacking in music storage space as well as NFC payment capabilities. As a result, it should be clear to you that neither of these two types constitutes a smartwatch. However, the Luxe has a greater variety of options available in this respect. The Fitbit Luxe is superior to the Inspire 2 due to its higher number of app functionalities and its color display.

Comparison of the Battery Life of the Fitbit Luxe with the Fitbit Inspire 2

The length of time that each watch can run on its battery is the primary distinction between them. As is common knowledge, this can change depending on the settings you choose and the purpose it serves. You can expect a battery life of up to seven days with the Fitbit Inspire 2 smartwatch. While each charge of the Fitbit Luxe provides around 5 days of battery life.

We found that when subjected to more rigorous use, the battery life of the Luxe 2 could drop to as low as fifty percent of that of the Inspire 2. It shouldn’t be a mystery which watch reigns supreme in this category.

The Fitbit Luxe is equipped to provide you with plenty of juice even during those long workdays or weekends spent traveling.

You shouldn’t have any expectations that either of these watches would feature a “always-on” display. In contrast to smartwatches, you won’t have to worry as much about remembering to charge your gadget as frequently.

If the idea of having to charge your battery more than once every seven days seems like too much work for you, then the Fitbit Inspire 2 is the device for you. However, if you want a colorful display and more functions, it might be worth giving up some extra battery life.

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Which of these two Fitbits, the Luxe or the Inspire 2, is the better choice for you?

The comparison between the Fitbit Luxe and the Fitbit Inspire 2 comes to an end here. Which fitness watch from Fitbit best reflects your core beliefs and the way you live your life? Which tool will provide you with the inspiration you require to enhance your quality of life, as well as your health and sleep?

If you require the longest battery life together with crucial fitness tracking capabilities, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is the product that we recommend you purchase. In addition to the benefits that are expected of it, it also provides superior quality. Your choice of a watch with a respectable appearance is ensured by its understated and uncomplicated appearance.

You can’t go wrong with the Fitbit Luxe if you’re looking for a wearable device that not only looks fantastic but also provides you with all the “bells and whistles.”

If you want a fitness watch that looks amazing and has a gorgeous display, consider purchasing the Luxe model. It improves the overall experience of seeing your statistics. The battery life is still long enough for you to get through the whole week with it.

Despite this, make sure you devote the necessary amount of time to researching these Fitbit watches. We evaluate these models of Fitbit in relation to other watches available on the market. Check out some of our other posts while you’re here too!

Leave a comment below telling us which Fitbit Tracker you believe is the best and we’ll keep you updated as we find out!

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