While you're driving, Airbubbl purges the harmful air in your vehicle


Most people don’t give indoor air quality much thought, yet it can be an issue. Given that we spend up to 90% of our time behind closed doors, this is particularly significant. The majority of people are unaware that the air quality inside their houses can be up to five times worse than outside. The same is true for the air quality in your car.

Atmospheric chemists and airflow engineers from research centers in the UK and Denmark make up the London-based Airlabs team. Its goal is to limit the amount of hazardous air that people are exposed to by establishing clean air zones in the most polluted cities on earth.

The company unveiled Airbubbl, a portable device that blows a bubble of fresh air inside your automobile, about this time last year. The device filters out harmful air pollution, such as nitrogen dioxide and other diesel pollutants, that enters your car’s air intake system.

Now that the item has reached its completion, it can be purchased. Airlabs has commissioned some intriguing research to coincide with the release. As evidenced by this statistic, 90% of us are unaware that the air inside our cars might be more contaminated than the air outdoors. The effects of sitting in traffic for the average motorist or passenger are the same as inhaling 180 cigarettes’ worth of nitrogen dioxide annually!

While you’re driving, Air Bubble eliminates hazardous air pollution inside your vehicle.

According to the manufacturer, Air Bubble removes more than 95% of NO2 in just 12 minutes! Its superior particle filter also removes harmful gasses like ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), tiny particles like PM2.5 and PM10, bacteria, and odors, shielding you and your family from harmful air pollution.

The gadget attaches behind the headrest of the front passenger seat and plugs into the cigarette lighter. The driver and all passengers will benefit from the pure air being directed at head height. An app for your smartphone that manages air flow can also tell you how much air has been cleansed.

“Whether you commute by automobile, are a parent running kids to and from school, or work as a driver, you now spend a lot of time inside your car breathing in harmful gasses and pollutants on a daily basis.” And the issue is significantly worse for individuals who have respiratory problems, according to Marc Ottolini, CEO of Airlabs.

“We all understand and are concerned about the risks associated with both active and passive smoking, but simply being in a car can be harmful to your health.” In order to create a healthier environment inside the car, we want people to be aware of these risks.

For £299.99, you can get Air Bubble from the manufacturer’s website. In some nations, you can also buy it on Amazon (check price).


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