Whistle's pet trackers now keep track of things other than sleeping, like licking and scratching

Whistle's pet trackers now keep track of things other than sleeping, like licking and scratching

Whistle’s pet trackers just perform more effectively. This week, the company released two wearable gadgets that can track an animal’s health, location, and safety.

Whistle Go and Whistle Go Explore are the names of the two members of the combo. They are able to covertly attach themselves to a pet’s collar, just like the original gadget. From this spot, they send information about the pet’s activity and where it is through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the owner’s phone.

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The device and app system integrate monitoring of intelligent activities and tracking of one’s whereabouts into a single, straightforward experience. You are able to get live GPS monitoring, alerts sent to your location, and the ability to designate a whistle zone. You have the option of receiving alerts through email, app, or text message in the event that your four-legged buddy wanders off.

The most significant difference between the older devices and the newer ones is not only an improvement in the location tracking capabilities, but also the inclusion of functions that monitor the user’s health. This includes activities such as snoozing, licking, and scratching.

You are able to monitor the long-term health trends of your pet (such as the date of their most recent appointment with the veterinarian, the dates of their vaccinations, and so on), as well as set personalized goals and receive alerts if there are significant changes to the patterns of their behavior. In addition, you’ll only need one base station to monitor all of your different pets, even if you have more than one.

The battery life on the Whistle Go Explore is significantly longer. It can last up to 20 days without needing a charge, which is twice as long as the Whistle Go can go between charges. In addition to that, it has a built-in light and comes in different colors.

According to Collette Bunton, CEO of Whistle, Whistle GO and Whistle GO Explore will give pet owners a new window into their pet’s world by assisting them in finding answers to the most pressing questions they have regarding their pets, such as their location, the amount of exercise they get, and their overall health.

As a result, Whistle has evolved into an intelligent tool that provides pet owners with fresh insights that build awareness surrounding the health and well-being of their dogs as a result of the addition of ground-breaking health functions such as the detection of itching and licking as well as the tracking of sleep.

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Amazon is currently taking orders for both of these electronic items. Whistle Go is available for $99.95, while Whistle Go Explore is available for $129.95. Additionally, AT&T requires a monthly subscription fee of $6.95 to be paid in order to enable nationwide tracking through their service.

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