Why does Google sell so few phones despite Android?

It is official, Google is not good at selling phones , and that with its brand and with Android pure Google should have everything done to become the Apple of Android , a goal that much has been talked about after the presentation of the range made by Google last fall.

Very interesting IDC data was published yesterday about the sales of the industry giants, data that showed how Google had sent twice as many Pixel smartphones in 2017 as in 2016 , greatly improving its figures as a manufacturer and distributor of smartphones. All well, then, some will think ...

But let’s analyze it more closely following the data published by ars technica , and we will show you that not everything is black and white and that everything depends on the point of view from which the data is viewed .

3.9 million reasons to keep improving

The Mountain View giant shipped 3.9 million of its Pixel smartphones in 2017 , twice as many as in 2016, yes, but at a sidereal distance from the 215.8 million iPhones sold in 2017. Almost nothing. Now it seems that the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have not curdled too well? Either that, or Google has failed to sell them too well .

The data is devastating, Apple sells more phones in a week than Google in a year , although the truth is that those in Cupertino are already experienced hardware manufacturers and Google a novice in these fights who has a long way to go.

There is no need to be more papist than the pope, Google must improve, but its data is encouraging and perhaps the arrival of reinforcements from HTC will help the new Google hardware manufacturer to continue growing.

Google makes good phones, but doesn’t sell them as well

Already with the Nexus One and successives of the extinct Android Dev Phones saga , the Google guys had shown that designing phones was good for them . Their arrival as manufacturers in 2016 left no room for doubt, and the Pixel 2 has been a step further.

Google knows how to make good phones, and it will improve even more, because the Android ecosystem belongs to it and the services too. No one can achieve a better symbiosis between hardware and software on this platform , although there are still many things to demonstrate in 2018 with the third iteration of the Pixel range.

Even with this, where Google has not improved is in the sales and after-sales support section , and that is that selling phones does not boil down to designing, assembling and sending them to stores. The marketing work has put Samsung where it is, also Apple, and you have to work in sales if you want to sell as a best seller .

Does Google want to be a best seller?

Indeed, the question would then be if Google really wants to be a best seller, and today the answer is that I doubt it very much . To the facts I refer to you, the Google Pixel smartphones are only officially sold in a dozen countries compared to the more than 70 or 80 countries where Samsung and Apple are present, so Google’s strategy is not the most competitive worldwide.

There are also no physical stores where you can go see and touch a Google Pixel before buying it, and selling only with the operators in addition to your online store does not ensure success now that the devices are not subsidized to make them cheaper and are only financed at the rate of data.

Perhaps this is another important point, and that is that to request 959 euros for a smartphone you must differentiate yourself well and justify your price , and Google only sells the cleanest Android experience and a superlative camera, everything else is identical to the entire high-end Android.

The constant stock problems suffered by both the first generation and the second of the Google Pixels do not help either, and perhaps the limitation of countries is directly or indirectly related to the manufacturing capacity of Google and the partner chosen to assemble each terminal. This year the Pixel 2 has been limited even more than the XL version , perhaps due to problems arising from HTC and its ability to manufacture in large quantities. We speculate on the latter, we do not have reliable data.

This year 2018 will mark a new milestone for the Google manufacturer, which as you will see still has many problems to solve to become a best seller on a par with Samsung or Apple. Google has it all, yes, and its potential is almost infinite, so the only thing to expect is an improvement that we will appreciate in the last months of the year, with the Pixel 3 among us.

The keys are clear : more countries, more availability, fewer stock problems, more presence in physical stores and retailers, more offers with operators and a greater presence in the media. All this, and a cheaper version of their Pixel that positions them where sales are concentrated, and we already have the recipe for a winning Google in the manufacture and distribution of smartphones.

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