Why is the Coros Apex Pro a fantastic watch for adventurers

When it comes to producing high-quality timepieces, Coros is often overlooked. In the United States, they’re more well known for their offerings geared toward distance and trail runners, mountain climbers, and hikers, but in Europe, it’s a different story.

The Coros Apex Pro succeeds the Apex and occupies the premium sports watch market’s upper echelon.

At a glance

If you’re used to Garmin, Suunto, or Matrix watches, the Apex Pro will appear to be more of a fashion accessory. Given how much technology is packed inside, the fact that it’s tiny and light seems odd. When you put it on, you’ll discover that the silicone strap is also very soft. It contains a heart rate monitor and an oximeter in the belly, but it’s scarcely noticeable on the skin, where titanium alloys have been used to save weight, resulting in a gadget that weighs only 59g. Despite the weight, the overall feel is still high-quality. The sapphire glass is paired with an anodized body, ensuring that this watch will survive for years.

Some people may not like the bright green 22mm strap, but it is also available in black. You may also put whatever you want on the strap since it is interchangeable.

Despite the fact that the Apex Pro is geared towards triathletes and serious runners, it still has a lot of sports features (21 modes, to be exact). It works best with the Coros app, which is routinely updated. As a result, as the upgrades come in, your watch will improve and offer greater capabilities.

Fitness tracking

You can examine both real-time and post-training data, including:

Pressure at the surface of the earth

The profile and levels of altitude

The distance traveled and the heart rate

Calories consumed

I climbed the stairwell.


You can also customize your Apex Pro watch face to display the information you want.

A lot of brands will disappoint you here. Because they’ll offer you all the information you need, but they’ll make menu navigation so complicated that you won’t be able to find it via all the possibilities. The Apex Pro, on the other hand, does not. When used in conjunction with the Apex app, your data may be visualized in a vivid graphical depiction, including indicating which muscles you’ve worked.

To begin, you use a three-button system to navigate your watch. Second, you scroll with your crown, using a push motion to guide you smoothly to the sub-menu you’ve chosen. Finally, the top button activates the backlight, allowing you to use the watch in night mode without draining the battery.


The LED display is crystal clear. However, when configuring the watch, keep in mind the watch face you select. Because there are so many colors and styles to choose from, you may easily get overwhelmed by the data you want to display and end up seeing none of it. As a result, the idea is to keep things simple.

In addition, the screen is a touchscreen. And depending on the activity you’re doing and how easy it is to scroll or click, it’s wonderful to have this and the buttons. When using a device with a crown bezel, it’s very common to knock it during an activity, waking it up and taking you through a variety of menus you didn’t intend to go through.

Battery life

The Apex Pro is a beast of a watch, with 40 hours of battery life while using all of its features. This includes GPS mapping and the activation of all sensors. Given the capacity onboard, this is an outstanding feature given the watch’s light weight. You can go up to 30 days between charges if you don’t rely on the bells and whistles and turn them off. Again, this isn’t something to sneeze at. Furthermore, charging takes only about 2.5 hours, so you don’t have to leave it overnight if you don’t want to.

You can turn off individual features if you wish to save battery life. Furthermore, you can use UltraMax GPS Mode when in Running Mode. This turns off all accuracy-related sensors and algorithms, instead relying on the gyro, compass, and barometer to make an informed guess. You’ll lose the limited GPS details if you do this, but you’ll get more battery life when you need it.

Monitor of Heart Rate

There are always some inaccuracies in a fitness tracker’s heart rate sensor. The Apex Pro, on the other hand, holds its own and produces quite similar results when compared to other devices. So the device is useful if you’re more interested in learning about your heart rate zones than getting an accurate reading of your heart rate or resting heart rate. You get a visual representation of your heart rate zones in a traffic light manner, just like Fitbit.


Any watch designed for mountaineering and climbing should include a good oximeter so you can track your SpO2, which is important for determining your altitude adaptation. When you enable this gesture on the Apex Pro, it will record your elevation and SpO2 if you’re over 2500 meters. It then compares this to your current heart rate to determine the zones, so you know what’s safe.


When GPS was originally incorporated into sports watches, it was shaky at best. Coros now provides a precise and dependable offering as long as signal is available.It could take a while to get a signal, for example. If it falls out, however, it quickly picks it up again, notifying you with a slight vibration. Note that you must tell the Apex Pro when you begin a set of workouts because it will not always register it. Don’t forget to press the ‘Go Now’ button.

You can use your smartphone to preload your preferred route to the Apex Pro, which works with a high level of accuracy.


The Apex Pro is a good substitute for bulkier sports watches. It’s small and light, but it’s composed of tough materials. You also don’t have to be concerned about the battery dying.

For those who value accuracy, the real-time information is a fantastic feature that is easily accessible thanks to the crown bezel.

You may even programme the watch to remind you when it’s time to drink or eat. Something that many people overlook

The software is simple to use and includes useful features such as a heatmap of the muscles you’ve used.

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