Why not tell potential employees about their status?

Industry experts conducted an independent study and found that 72% of employers do not tell employees that they are “the best” and that they have great prospects and potential, and 28% can talk about it.

Below we will analyze several consequences that can negatively affect high-potential employees.

1. A specialist can become less active because he will not see prospects for himself. It is possible that he may even have doubts about his work if he is not informed of his potential opportunities.

2. It may happen that after an employee finds out about his “special” status, he will begin to think that they will do everything for him and he does not need to strain.

3. He can also put himself above others, act arrogantly, and even assume that everyone owes him. At the same time, there is a plus-employee who can feel his importance in the company and this will give him energy for a super result.

4. It is possible that information about such a valuable employee can fly around and that other recruiters, upon learning, will begin to lure talent.

5. If you inform others that there is a list of “favorites,” this may cause the collective not to be satisfied, offended, or much worse than rebellion.

In the future, this may lead to a decrease in labor productivity or dismissal among the offended.

Other specialists may have the feeling that they are valued less and they are fading into the background. And will lead to a problem in the interactions between team members.

The positive point is that the list of high-potential employees announced may motivate others. And some of your specialists will begin to take an example, look for new solutions in their work, and take even more initiative.

The conclusion is that the trend of transparency and openness is now growing. At the moment, keeping something secret has become difficult and probably not necessary. Everyone is looking for honest employees, so it is important that the employer also adheres to this requirement. After all, a way to mitigate the negative consequences can always be found.

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