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Why you should buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, even if it is not the latest model

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 was a before and after in the Xiaomi wearable catalog, and it is not for less, since without spending more than 30 we could get a smartband that counted our steps and also notified us of notifications.

Its successor was waiting until this year, but it is finally here, and the truth is that we have found a very complete product, but perhaps something is missing. Therefore, we are going to tell you the reasons why you should buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 now that it has dropped in price.

These are the reasons to have a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in your life

A price of scandal

The first reason we recommend the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is none other than its price, as we have anticipated before. When Xiaomi introduced it, it was already good, because it stayed at 30 euros. Quite far from other competitors, which with a worse design and even worse features, cost the same or more

However, now that its successor is in the market, you can find the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 at a ridiculous price of 20 euros on Amazon, or even less if we choose to buy it in other stores such as Gearbest, a saving that does not buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – and waiting for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – is an option to consider.

Notifications at your fingertips

One of the great advantages of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is its screen, since we will be able to choose what we want to be shown on it. Aspects such as steps, calories, distance, time or even heart rate sensor measurements. Measurements that before we could see only on our smartphone.

However, that is not all, since, natively, we can configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to notify us when a notification arrives, showing us its icon on its screen. But, in addition, through some Google Play applications we can also show you the text that contains it.

His successor is only a relative improvement

If you add the two previous reasons, and compare them with your successor, you will see that this is only a relative improvement of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Logically, the last model is better, but, if you do not need its new features – such as data from climate and so on – maybe what suits you best is to bet on this previous model.

Both are a good buy, and you will not be dissatisfied with any, that is clear. However, we think it is not crazy to save 10 euros and buy a Mi Band 2 that, today, would still be a good buy even if it did not have a successor in the market.

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