Willful Smart Watch (ID205L) User Opinions And Reviews

Willful Smart Watch (ID205L) User Opinions And Reviews

Let me surmise, you were searching for a financial plan smartwatch on the web, so you viewed this Willful Smart Watch as lovely intriguing, and presently you need to have a deep understanding of this smartwatch. Indeed, the Willful ID205L model is one of the most well-known financial plan smartwatches on the lookout. So before you settle on your ultimate choice, I will prescribe you to go through this survey since I have imparted my honest insight about this smartwatch by featuring its advantage, drawbacks, correlation, choices, and more that will be useful for you to conclude.

Before you plunge into the survey, remember that each smartwatch has its upsides and downsides. You could view not many elements in this Watch as intriguing and a couple to need. However, that is alright because coordinating each component in a financial plan doesn’t sound to be genuine.

Fast Opinion

As I would like to think, the Willful ID205L is ideal for amateurs searching for a smartwatch for fundamental necessities. It has an Apple watch configuration, including a 1.3-inch TFT LCD with 240 x 240 pixels for goals. The Watch looks exquisite on the main look, not so exceptionally weighty as it weighs 180 grams; it feels light in weight.

The tie material utilized is silicone, feels smooth and delicate. The main issue, it disappears its tones following a couple of long stretches of utilization. Fortunately, the lashes are detachable and replaceable with a spic and span one. This gadget has a few shading choices that make it appropriate for the two sexual orientations.

Fast OpinionAs it’s a primary spending plan smartwatch, I don’t anticipate that it should be exact regarding the following information. I’m not intrigued with the means and distance following outcomes. Even though rest, pulse, and calorie following appear to be precise. Assuming you do consider Fitness and wellbeing as the main concerns, go through the post to track down the other options.

It is reasonable to mess about water as this effectively opposes water sprinkles and drops. Additionally, swimming wearing this Watch won’t be an issue by any means. Be that as it may, you ought to get it far from water sports, for example, scuba jumping and remote ocean plunging.

Devices like a stopwatch, clock, music regulator, track down my telephone, and so forth proves to be helpful in regular utilization. The feature of this smartwatch is its battery duration; you won’t find a smartwatch in the market that stays true to its obligation of surrendering a back of 5-7 days. The Willful can serve you straight five days with weighty utilization and seven days with typical.

By and large, an excellent smartwatch for fundamental necessities. Notwithstanding, in the event that you are more into Fitness and wellbeing, I will suggest searching for options.


  • Apple watch plan.
  • Precise rest following.
  • Amazing battery duration.
  • Lashes are replaceable.
  • IP68 waterproofing functions true to form.
  • Virtual devices to help in day-to-day needs.


  • Hardly any watch faces. (just 4)
  • Programming is outdated, shows incorrect information for steps and distance.
  • Tie shading blurs following not many long periods of utilization.

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Hardheaded Smart Watch Review (Model: ID205L)

Plan and Display

The willful smartwatch looks ravishing and feels premium while grasping it in the main look. Presumably, the completion they have done is impressive. Taking a gander at it from a good way will give an energy of an Apple Watch, which is one of the aces of having it. It has a practical button on the right half of the case. Generally, you will utilize it to explore various menus and choices.

This smartwatch could look like having an edge-to-edge show, yet all the same, it’s not. You can see dark bars at the top and the base and some along the edges also. The justification behind making such a plan is to make it resemble getting more space than it really does. On the back, you will observe a pulse sensor. Also, to the top, there is an attractive energizing port for charging the gadget.

Hardheaded Smart Watch Review (Model: ID205L)It has silicon as its tie material which feels smooth and delicate to contact. In any case, the lashes are not of superior grade. You could view the ties as blurring colors in the wake of involving them for some time. Likewise, in the possibility that you have a petite wrist, there will be a few issues in getting this Watch on your wrist. Fortunately, the lashes are separable, so later, you can supplant these out with any 20mm band.

Would ladies be able to wear these? Certainly, Yes. This model of Willful Smartwatch has a ton of shading choices to browse, so whether you are men or ladies can doubtlessly wager on it. In my view, colors like dull purple, purple, pink, and dim will impeccably suit ladies. These are a portion of the accessible tones for this model: Black, Dark Purple, Gray, Green, Green-Gold, Pink, and Purple.

Specialized Specifications of Willful ID205L’s Display

  • Show Type - LCD TFT Touchscreen
  • Glass Type - 2.5D Glass
  • Shoe Size - 1.3-inch
  • Goal - 240 x 240 pixels
  • Fitness, Health and Activity Tracking

Willful ID205L Fitness, Health and Activity Tracking

While searching for a financial plan smartwatch, I search for fundamental Fitness highlights, for example, sports mode, pulse observing, movement following, and rest checking in light of the fact that a large portion of us will involve these essential elements in our everyday utilization. The Willful smartwatch has them from the start with a breath guide and stationary update. We should check out at them exhaustively.

Sport Modes

Whether you are a yoga fan or very much want to abide by open-air, this smartwatch comes furnished with nine different game modes. These incorporate strolling, running, mountaineering, climbing, dynamic cycling, yoga, treadmill, Fitness, and open-air cycling. This smartwatch can make an appearance to 8 games on the screen. However, you can set up the excess game through the VeryFitPro App.

Follow these means to add other game: Open VeryFitPro App > tap on Device > Activity Display > Swipe to Left > tap Delete > tap on Add symbol (+) to enter sports menu > Add the game and save it.

I could do without how it needs a telephone to add the game you need. This becomes irritating because it is preposterous to expect to complete the telephone while strolling. So the answer for this issue is to add the main eight games that you will utilize more often than not.

Action Tracking

Steps, distance, and calories following are the most well-known wellbeing measurements that one ought to screen on customary premise. The Willful ID205L can follow steps, distance, calories, and dynamic minutes. What precisely are dynamic minutes? Estimating dynamic moment lets you know when we have burned through 10 minutes in a movement that consumes multiple times of the calories. Following this information needn’t bother with a telephone to be conveyed.

Step counter doesn’t appear to be exact. If you move while resting, it builds the means as though you were strolling while at the same time dozing. In addition, you can utilize the calorie tracker to check the number of calories you have consumed yet don’t provide you with calorie consumption information. Distance following is, by all accounts, turned out great. Yet, at times it shows deceiving information.

Generally speaking, I am essentially not content with its progression and distance following execution. In any case, they can, in any case, fix it by updating their product. However, right now, the product is out of date.

Rest Tracking

The Willful smartwatch can screen various parts of your rest. It can naturally screen your rest quality by investigating your profound rest, light rest, and alert time. Additionally, there’s no grumbling about this since it takes care of its business well. There is an extra of vibration caution that wakes you up standing on time.

Do I genuinely have to screen my rest? Indeed. Like the following Fitness like advances, calories, sports, and so on, It is likewise critical to continue to screen your best experiences as it helps decide how well you rest around evening time. This gives you a harsh thought regarding the time you’re sleeping while in bed.

Pulse Monitoring

On the back, there is a pulse sensor that gleams with green light like Apple watches. This sensor is powerful to naturally screen pulse continuously. You can check the pulse by tapping the heart symbol on the Watch. Furthermore, you can really look at it on the application as well. By utilizing the VeryFitPro application, you can get more subtleties like usual, resting, and the most significant pulse.

Willful ID205L Fitness, Health and Activity Tracking: Pulse MonitoringThe Willful ID205L upholds programmed pulse following. However, it should be empowered from the application. It would have been amazing assuming they have incorporated a pulse-ready framework that sends you caution on crossing the beats each moment limit. This component is, for the most part, seen in smartwatches north of 50 dollars, so it is alright to think twice about it.

Empower Automatic Heart rate Monitoring on VeryFitPro App

As far as pulse exactness, the Watch works effectively. In correlation with a finger heartbeat oximeter, which is known for giving precise outcomes, the two of them showed similar outcomes. Hence, it is by all accounts adequately precise to depend on.

Breath Guide/Relax Mode

What is Breath Guide or Relax Mode? It is an exciting component that ordinarily we won’t find in each smartwatch out there on the lookout. This component helps when you’re anxious or have outrage issues. Simply send off the application, and adhere to the guidance. It takes you through a progression of full breaths that helps you unwind and quiet down.

Breath Guide Animation

The Willful smartwatch shows you a few visual movements and triggers delicate vibrations to help you unwind and escape an unpleasant day.

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Willful ID205L Features and Functionality


We, by and large, see two kinds of waterproofing in financial plan smartwatches, IP67 or IP68. The Willful ID205L accompanies 5ATM IP68 waterproofing, which is quite possibly the most well-known affirmation standard. For an undeniable explanation, IP68 waterproofing is considered excellent as it is ideally suited for swimming, showering, sweat, and opposing raindrops.

What’s the difference somewhere in the range of IP67 and IP68?

As per SmartwatchAuthority, IP represents entrance insurance. The number 67 or 68 demonstrates whether a gadget can endure being lowered in water or how well it can shield inward parts from dust particles.

IP67 - Dust-tight, No entrance of residue/Watertight against the impacts of inundation in the water somewhere in the range of 15cm and 1m for 30 minutes.

IP68 - Dust-tight, No entrance of residue/Watertight against the impacts of drenching in water under tension for extensive stretches.

The ATM portrays how well the Watch can oppose water. The Willful smartwatch has 5ATM waterproofing, implying it can endure showers, raindrops, and swimming. It is enthusiastically prescribed not to involve it for scuba jumping or remote ocean plunging. If you are into those games, consider getting a watch with a rating of 10 ATM and up.

Note: Willful doesn’t follow swimming information.

Apparatuses and Apps

This model comes furnished with a lot of valuable apparatuses.

Morning timer: Vibrates to get you up promptly in the first part of the day.

Stopwatch: Helps to gauge the period occasion.

Clock: Helps to gauge a particular period.

Track down My Phone: Locates your telephone whenever you lose someplace in the room.

Brilliance Adjuster - This allows you to change the splendor of the screen as indicated by your inclination.

Music Controller - This permits you to control the music playback from the Watch.

The majority of them are valuable for everyday use. I like how it lessens the utilization of cell phones by giving such devices.

Cell phone Notifications

By matching the Willful ID205L with your cell phone, you can get messages, calls, and web-based entertainment application warnings on the actual Watch. So you don’t need to constantly rely upon a cell phone to really take a look at these subtleties. It turns out to be very practical in light of the fact that you don’t need to take out your telephone if working in a bustling climate.

In this spending plan, you can’t anticipate noting calls or answers to messages. This requires an exceptional kind of smartwatches that help the calling and messaging highlight.

Inactive Reminder

This element proves to be helpful on the off chance that you have a stationary way of life. As a rule, individuals could do without mingling and sit in one spot staring at the television or messing around. It builds the gamble of illnesses, for example, diabetes, weight, pulse, tension, and that’s just the beginning.

Assuming you are somebody with no actual work and invest energy sitting or resting, this component will be gainful for you. It reminds you when to get up and do some busy work like strolling so you can avoid the unsafe impacts of a stationary way of life.

Stiff-necked Smartwatch App Preview

The Willful smartwatch utilizes the VeryFitPro application to match it with your cell phone. This smartwatch is viable with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 above so that you will find the application both for Android and iOS gadgets. By utilizing the application, you can:

  • Record ordinary development
  • Get call updates and never miss any significant data
  • Get cell phone warnings on the Watch.
  • Record and screen the rest information.
  • Record and screen your pulse information.
  • Turn on programmed pulse observing.
  • Turn on stationary, caution, SNS alarms.
  • Utilize far-off camera highlight.

Why is the application helpful? Above are a few motivations behind why you want the VeryFitPro application to continue to run. Aside from that, it is generally better to adjust all the watch information on occasion since it keeps you from losing significant wellbeing and Fitness information later on.

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Battery Duration - Willful ID205L

The Willful ID205L ships with a restrictive USB charging link that fits entirely on the attractive opening present on the rear of the smartwatch. It includes a 210 mAh battery, and the organization claims ten days of battery duration. However, it goes on for 5-7 days and 30 days on reserve (watch not being used). That is not terrible at all since when I search for a financial plan smartwatch, at least five days of battery reinforcement works for me.

How to Connect Willful Smartwatch to Android/iOS?

Before matching the Watch, download and introduce the’ VeryFitPro’ application on your cell phone, this application is accessible for Android and iOS, so download the one according to your gadget.

Note - (Highly Recommended) Do NOT match the Watch with your cell phone in your telephone’s Bluetooth settings.

Stage 1 - Enable Bluetooth

Step 1

Above all else, you need to empower the Bluetooth of your cell phone. However, don’t straightforwardly match utilizing the telephone’s Bluetooth settings.

Step 2

Presently open the VeryFitPro application. Then, Go to Add Device segment and tap on it. This will look through the accessible close by Willful gadget.

Step 3

When you effectively examine the nearby gadgets, you will see the watch name on the rundown. Mine showed “ID205L”. Tap to get it associated. That is all there is to it.

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? Reasons to Buy Willful ID205L Smartwatch

  • Apple Watch plan in a spending plan.
  • Spending plan Friendly smartwatch under 100 bucks.
  • Programmed Heart rate Tracking over the day.
  • Rest Tracking with precise information.
  • IP68 Waterproof Certification (Suitable for Swimming, Shower, and Raindrops).
  • Separable lashes. It tends to be supplanted with another one.
  • Amazing battery duration as long as seven days, which is crazy.
  • The breath Guide highlight assists with unwinding and resetting your temperament.
  • Gets you far from a stationary way of life.
  • Accompanies instruments like an Alarm, Stopwatch, and Timer. Valuable in everyday utilization.
  • Music regulator joining proves to be helpful to control music playback from the wrist.

? Reasons NOT to Buy Willful ID205L Smartwatch

  • Restricted Watch faces choices (Only four watch appearances to browse).
  • Steps and Distance following exactness aren’t sufficient.
  • Reasons NOT to Buy Willful ID205L SmartwatchLash shading disappears following not many long stretches of use.
  • Can’t answer calls and answer messages from the Watch.
  • Raise Wrist to awaken shows a deferral of 3 seconds.

Often Asked Questions? (FAQs)

What number of watch faces does Willful Smartwatch have?

Relatively few watches faces come preloaded with a Willful smartwatch. You get just four preloaded Watch faces out of the container.

Would I be able to answer calls and texts on Willful Smartwatch?

Tragically, you gun answer calls and texts on a Willful smartwatch. That is because it isn’t intended for correspondence through the Watch. This main shows who is calling, and the instant messages appear on the screen.

What application does Willful Smartwatch utilize?

The Willful smartwatch utilizes the VeryFitPro application to match it with your cell phone. This smartwatch is viable with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 above so that you will find the application both for Android and iOS gadgets.

What kind of notice does Willful Smartwatch get?

You can get messages, calls, and web-based entertainment application notices on the Watch. It ceaselessly shows up on the screen until you communicate with it.

Would I be able to change the screen splendor in the Willful Watch?

Indeed, you can change the splendor straightforwardly from the Watch. With the most extreme splendor, you will want to peruse in direct daylight.

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Final Thoughts

I seriously love spending plan smartwatches. As I would like to think, Willful ID205L is excellent for those searching for a smartwatch with incredible looks and essentially fundamental highlights. In this financial plan, don’t expect extraordinary Fitness and well-being following abilities. Utilizing this smartwatch only for reference will work. If I were in your shoes, I would not anticipate that it should show exact information.

Aside from this, I cherished the battery duration. The battery ensures up to 5-7 days which is enough for a young person. You can purchase various lashes and supplant them at different events to match your style. In general, it’s a smartwatch for fundamental requirements. I will prescribe you to look at Virmee VT3 or Amazfit Bip U Pro since this can be a great option at the cost range.

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