With Garmin's Tactix Charlie, Navigate Across Unexpected Terrain

With Garmin's Tactix Charlie, Navigate Across Unexpected Terrain

It’s about to get much simpler to navigate across new areas. The Tactix Charlie, a tough watch with advanced fitness training functions, better mapping functionality, and tactical functionality, has been unveiled by Garmin.

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With Garmin’s Tactix Charlie, navigate across unexpected terrain.

The Tactix series’ third generation has a lot in common with the Fenix 5X. In actuality, the biggest distinction is in the design, aside from the Tactix Charlie’s WiFi connectivity and its night vision function.

The new watch from Garmin has a lifetime-long physical body. The Tactix Charlie weighs 90 grammes as opposed to the Fenix 5X’s 98 grammes, features a titanium back cover (as opposed to stainless steel on the Fenix 5X), and a scratch-resistant black Diamond-like-carbon-coated bezel (the Fenix 5x has a stainless steel bezel).

The watch comes with a variety of built-in activities, advanced performance measures, and full-color topographic maps. Up to 16 GB of map data, including nautical charts, can be downloaded and stored. You can mark destinations, create and follow courses, and use the watch to navigate. A 3-axis compass, gyroscope, barometer, GPS, and GLONASS are further built-in navigational tools.

The tracker, which is water-resistant up to 100 meters, can operate in GPS mode for 20 hours and in smartwatch mode for 12 days on a single charge. You can use the power saver mode as well to increase battery life.

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According to Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales at Garmin, the Tactix Charlie includes everything required for these operations and daily life. It was created for professionals and consumers who need tactical capabilities in a wearable form.

The new Tactix Charlie, which builds on the success of the Tactix Bravo and the Fenix 5X, combines the best aspects of both wearables to provide tactical and multisport features, improved mapping, and wrist-based heart rate in a single watch.

A tactical watch can save your life in the wilderness. The newest smartwatch from Garmin has mapping and navigation features to make sure you get home safely. On Amazon, you can buy Tactix Charlie.

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