With the latest update, Snapchat Spectacles may now export videos that aren't circular

A recent software update enables users to export films from their Snapchat Spectacles in a format that is not circular. Up until recently, the cool glasses could only send out videos in a circular format. Even though this was a unique selling point, the videos are really viewable thanks to the new formats that have been implemented.

A few months ago, the business released the second iteration of their camera-enabled spectacles under the brand name “Gen 2.” The updated specifications have also benefited from certain design enhancements, such as a more compact and lightweight form factor, resistance to water, and additional color options to choose from. In addition, the video and audio quality of the glasses has been improved, and for the first time, the glasses are able to take photographs.

Despite the unmitigated failure of the first generation product, it is abundantly evident that the business has not abandoned the concept of their smart glasses. They decided to go with the tactic of hiding the product specifications as much as possible in an effort to generate more interest in the product. In the end, to use a World Cup metaphor, it was an own goal because the company lost $40 million because it had to pay for things that didn’t sell.

The good news is that none of that crap involving vending machines exists anymore, and the eyeglasses can be purchased on Amazon as well as on spectacles.com. The company has high hopes that this, along with the addition of more features, will give the product new life.

Because of this most recent software upgrade, the specifications now allow for the output of circular video (with either a white or black background), in addition to square and “widescreen” formats. During the exporting process, the software crops the circular video. Users are now able to share films on a variety of platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, thanks to the expanded export options. Because it was in circular format, this could not be done.

Users of iOS and Android are currently receiving the update and are in the process of rolling it out. The fact that owners of the first generation specifications will also benefit from the software upgrade is exciting news for those owners.

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