With the Release of Their New Dive Computer, Deepblu Hopes to Bring Divers Closer Together

Divers looking for a cheap dive wristwatch will be happy to hear that Deepblu has released COSMIQ+, a full-featured dive monitor with log cloud synchronization and a lot of social sharing features.

The Taiwanese startup is run by a passionate group of individuals that have backgrounds in the technology industry. The social features of their diving computers are what set them apart from the competition. It has more than 40,000 active users and has become a kind of “Facebook for Divers” because it is based on a platform that can be accessed through the Deepblu smartphone app. A community hub where users can interact with one another, meet new friends, and find motivation for their next exciting diving experience.

Users are able to connect with other divers from all around the world and exchange their dive logs through the network. Deepblu has much more unique user information on diving than just about any other diving software because of its more than 300,000 user-submitted dive diaries.

The recently released COSMIQ+ is packed with a ton of different functions. Divers of diverse backgrounds and levels of experience can choose a model that suits their needs, including options for freediving, recreational, and technical diving.

Those who are interested in statistics will feel perfectly at home. The following information is provided by the device while it is submerged in water: the current depth, the deepest depth, the water temperature, the amount of time that has passed, the oxygen level (ranging from 21 per cent to 40 per cent), the no decompression limit (NDL), the ceiling depth, the decompression halt time(s), and the ascent rate. It provides a surface interval, a diving planning feature, and the option to check previous dive logs, as well as other features when you are on land. The 2.2-inch high-contrast LCD screen displays all of this information for the user.

Each charge of the lithium-ion battery allows for a maximum of 12 hours of operational duration. Because of this, scuba divers can relax and enjoy their journey without having to deal with the inconvenience and anxiety of having to replace a battery or get a new one.

The COSMIQ+ package includes a choice of colours as well as an elegant travel case. It is currently available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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