With watchOS 7.4, unlocking your iPhone is a breeze thanks to Apple

The WatchOS 7.4 update is currently being rolled out as we write this. This update addresses more than just the previously mentioned issues. It makes unlocking your phone simpler, as well as adjusting your settings and adding other features.

The updated look can be seen in the following screenshot.

Use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone

The most significant improvement is the capacity to use Face ID on an iPhone X or later model while concealing your identity behind a mask. Because of the widespread coronavirus epidemic, many of us are forced to go about daily with masks covering our faces. In addition, putting on a mask prevents Face ID from functioning as it should, making it more difficult to unlock your phone.

In the part of the iPhone’s settings that is responsible for Face ID and Passcodes, there is now a new option that reads “Unlock with Apple Watch.” To use the functionality, you will need to ensure that this is turned on. When you put on a disguise, you can get around Apple’s Face ID system and avoid inputting a passcode by using this feature. Make sure your watch is near an iPhone X or later model with iOS 14.5 installed and linked with it.

This does not mean that your entire face can be concealed in any way. It will still be necessary to be able to recognize the eyes and a few other traits. However, the process is significantly simplified because there is no need to take off your mask. When your watch successfully unlocks your phone, you will feel a haptic tap on your wrist, very similar to how it works when successfully unlocking a Mac computer.

The catch is that you cannot make purchases with this kind of identification, nor can you access applications with it if they require Face ID to do so. In this particular scenario, you will need to either remove your mask or type in your password.

A few more updates

The capability to transmit audio and video content from Apple Fitness+ workouts to devices that support AirPlay 2 is another feature that will be introduced with watchOS 7.4. In the Settings menu, there is now a possibility to categorize the type of Bluetooth device being used. The proper identification of headphones for audio alerts ought to become easier as a result of this.

The remaining changes are exclusive to their respective regions. Apple Watch owners in Australia and Vietnam will now receive support for the ECG app as well as notifications about irregular heart rhythms.

Date of release and instructions for installing WatchOS 7.4

This update follows the watchOS 7.3 release by approximately three months. If you are not presently viewing it, it ought to be available right now or rather soon after that.

Open the Apple Watch app on your phone, navigate to the General menu, and select Software Update to see whether or not it is available in your area. To download or install, click the button. Always check that the watch has at least half its battery life remaining, and keep it plugged in to charge while the software is being updated.

Since watchOS 6.3, Apple has discontinued support for the Series 1 and 2 watches. However, you are able to update the newest firmware version if your device is a Series 3 or higher.

In a short time, we should also hear about watchOS 8.0. June 7 will be the beginning of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. This event will take place online, just like last year. There have been no substantial leaks regarding what we can anticipate being included in watch OS8.0 as of yet, but we will update this page when more information becomes available.

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