Within the next few weeks, users of Wear OS will no longer have access to Play Music

Within the next few weeks, owners of Wear OS smartwatches will no longer have access to Google Play Music. The service will be discontinued in favour of YouTube’s music streaming platform.

On the other hand, it appears as though the transition will not go as easily as many people had anticipated it would. On Google’s support website, the company has revealed that in a few weeks, “customers will no longer be able to access or install Google Play Music on their Wear OS by Google smartwatches.” This change will take effect on October 29.

The internet search giant has high hopes that the coming months will bring about an improved music experience with YouTube Music. There are sixty million songs available for consumers to stream on this platform.

However, the connection is not yet complete, and initially, users will only be capable of utilizing their Wear OS smartwatch in order to exercise remote control over the YouTube Music app that is installed on their mobile device. Controls will immediately show on the watch face of users whenever they access YouTube Music on their mobile device.

2011 was the year that saw the debut of Google Play Music. Users are able to add their own music and then listen to it whenever it’s convenient for them. But doing so is more difficult when using Youtube Music. In addition, there is no method to download music to your device.

Users have till the end of this year to move their collections from Google Play Music to another service, as stipulated by Google. The organisation has written an article on its blog that explains how to carry out these steps. It may take a few minutes or it may take a few days to complete the process, based on the scale of your collection. During the upload, you are free to use YouTube Music as you normally would.

Users always have the option to use an app developed by a third party or one of the widely used music apps such as Spotify. And if one is to believe the remarks posted on social media, there are individuals who might choose this path. It goes without saying that this has caused quite a few people to feel upset about the situation.

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