Withings Sapphire Signature is crafted from best materials for a stylish look


A new version of Withings’ Steel HR hybrid has been released. For a premium, designer appeal, the Sapphire Signature collection is constructed from premium materials.

The new watches are shielded by sapphire glass, which is incredibly scratch-resistant, as the name suggests. You usually only see this kind of material on expensive watches. That’s not all, though. The series includes an Italian leather strap, chrome indices, a luxury finish, and a robust stainless steel casing.

Withings Steel HR Sapphire Signature is built with the best materials for a stylish appearance

The basic Steel HR has the same other features. This means that while you receive the standard heart rate monitor and fitness and sleep tracking smarts, there is no built-in GPS. GPS only works when connected. Additionally, the watch dispenses calls, texts, and event notifications.

Swim sessions as well as 9 other activities will be automatically detected and tracked by the Steel HR Sapphire Signature, which is water resistant down to 50 meters. excellent battery life of 25 days in regular mode and 20 more days with time and activity tracking only.

Withings Steel HR Sapphire Signature is built with the best materials for a stylish appearance.

In our evaluation, we named the normal version as one of the top hybrids available. It will discreetly carry out its tasks if you strap it on your wrist and don’t interfere with it much. The watch is successful in keeping things straightforward. It’s obvious that this fitness tracker isn’t the most potent one available, but it manages to achieve a balance between functionality, style, and comfort that will appeal to many.

A sportier variation of the same watch has also just been released by Withings. This model improves upon the original by adding Connected GPS, a VO2 Max estimation for determining Fitness Level, and better, breathable straps.

The cost of the new Sapphire collection is $299.95 on Withings.com. You can have it with a 36mm casing in your pick of blue and silver, white and rose gold, or black and slate grey. These all have matching leather straps.


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