Withings updates their collection of fitness trackers with traditional styling HR Pulse

The Withings Pulse HR, which is now available for pre-order, is a perfect choice for individuals who enjoy the appearance of a conventional fitness tracker but still need some essential capabilities.

There is little doubt that the French consumer electronics business is not wasting any time. They introduced Steel HR Sport a few months after its co-founder and former chairman, Éric Carrel, bought the business back from Nokia. They’ve returned with a new gadget now.

The Withings Pulse HR fitness tracker is an upgrade to the original Pulse, which debuted in 2013. This appears to be the Withings Go 2 that has been speculated and discussed recently.

The gadget includes a modern look, a 20-day battery life, intelligent notifications, a wealth of fitness features, and integrated GPS capabilities. All for a fair price.

There is the typical array of fitness tracking sensors within. This contains a heart rate monitor that will continually measure your heart rate while you workout and take readings every 10 minutes. In the Health Mate app, sleep tracking provides data on the quantity and quality of your nightly sleep as well as a general Sleep Score. Additionally, if you are in a light sleep period, a Smart Wake-up alarm will vibrate to wake you up.

Withings updates its collection of fitness trackers with traditional styling. HR Pulse

Photo credit: Withings

Over 30 different sports activities, including walking, jogging, yoga, volleyball, rowing, boxing, skiing, and more, can be tracked by Pulse HR when it comes to exercising. Thanks to 5 ATM water resistance, swimming is also possible. Ten of the more popular activities can be automatically recognised by the fitness band, while others must be initiated manually.

On the OLED display and with the Withings Health Mate app, each activity’s unique metrics are visible. The Connected GPS uses the satellite signal from your smartphone to deliver more thorough workout data for outside activity.

At Withings, we are committed to providing individuals a choice of high-quality health and fitness tracking alternatives that best suit their individual lives. According to Eric Carreel, president of Withings, “With Pulse HR, we wanted to provide users a new form factor from our Steel and Steel HR range that nevertheless offers the same wearability, high-quality design, and best-in-class battery life.

The band is the ideal choice for anyone seeking an economical tracking gadget with useful functions like heart rate monitoring.

The Withings line’s original fitness tracker aesthetic is brought back with the Pulse HR. It has a 316L stainless steel housing with a reinforced black polycarbonate surface. This goes well with soft silicone wristbands of various colors, and more color choices will be available early next year.

The battery life is arguably the best feature. A 110 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers Pulse HR can last up to 20 days between charges. This is only 5 days behind the Steel HR Sport, which has comparable features but a more classic watch-like appearance.

Withings pre-sales start today for £119.95 on withings.com. You may get it on Amazon as well (check price). Withings says the Pulse HR will arrive in time for Christmas. Keep an eye out for when we put it to the test later this month.


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