Wynd Has Introduced a Version of its Portable Air Purifier That is More Affordable

Wynd Essential is a new air purifier that Wynd Technologies has introduced today. It is a variant of the Wynd Plus air filter that has a significantly lower cost structure. The only item that is missing from this version of the product is the removable air quality tracker that its older sibling had.

For the benefit of those who might not be aware, Air Quality Awareness Week kicks off. It hopes to accomplish this by motivating individuals to take action to cut down on the amount of pollution they cause. Unfortunately, breathing contaminated air has turned into an unavoidable component of the typical day for the majority of us. Cars, trains, power plants, factories, and other sources all contribute to the emission of microscopic particles into the air. These particles are too small for the human eye to detect. Those who live in metropolitan areas are especially at risk of experiencing this problem.

The Wynd is a transportable gadget that was recognized by Time magazine in 2016 as “one of the 25 finest inventions” of that year. Unlike its competitors, Wynd only purifies the air in the immediate vicinity of the user, rather than the entire room or space. Dust, pollen, smoke, smog, animal dander, mold, and germs can all be removed from the air in a matter of a few minutes thanks to its changeable medical-grade filter.

The complete gadget has a height of approximately 17 centimeters and a width of approximately 7.1 centimeters at its base. This is about the size of a bottle of water. But despite the fact that it has a relatively modest form factor, it is able to expel more than 8 liters of filtered air every single second. This creates what is effectively a bubble of clean air around you, which shields you from the effects of pollution. Even though it’s advertised as being portable, the device works best when it’s set up in a small, tight space.

The original Wynd Plus includes, in addition to the purifier itself, a detachable particulate matter sensor. This sensor checks the quality of the air around you and dynamically adjusts the filtration level to meet the requirements of the environment. This links through Bluetooth to an associated mobile application, which provides additional details, such as insights on the quality of the air in your home and notifications about when the filter needs to be replaced (typically once every three months depending on usage).

Wynd Essential just includes the purifier and does not include an air quality monitor of any kind. However, it also syncs with your mobile phone so that you can get more in-depth information that is compiled from more than 10,000 air quality stations across the world. Like the more expensive model, this one also lets you control the purifier from a distance and gives you information about how to use it.

After conducting this review, we found that Wynd Plus is a product that has been given a lot of careful consideration. It is obvious that a lot of effort has been put into cramming a lot of amazing functionality into a relatively small and compact package.

You can purchase the brand new Wynd Essential from the manufacturer’s website for the price of $129 right now. This is a significant discount off the standard price of the Wynd Plus, which was $199. Amazon also sells both of these if you’re interested.

In related news, Wynd Technologies made an announcement that they will be helping the environment by forming a new collaboration with the charitable organization OneTreePlanted. This will allow them to plant more trees. The business will be planting one tree for each and every Wynd unit that is purchased, with the goals of improving air quality, reducing soil erosion, and providing assistance to local communities. A good cause, as will be agreed upon by most.

Raymond Wu, CEO and co-founder of Wynd, stated that the company made the decision to introduce Essential as a more affordable, purifier-only device for individuals who want clean air wherever they go. “We decided to set up Essential as just a product for those who want good air quality,”

“As a means to give back to society and build a better environment, our crew is also enthusiastic about our cooperation with OneTreePlanted,”

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