Wyze has come out with a new smart scale that is even more affordable

Wyze has developed a really affordable smart scale. The Wyze Scale S can be yours for about $15, and it will look great sitting on the floor of your bathroom.

This is $5 less expensive than the company’s first product offering in this market, which was already reasonably priced. In April of 2020, Wyze published the initial version of their scale for twenty dollars. It dispenses twelve distinct measures, thus it is not limited to weight alone. Automatic user recognition is available for a maximum of eight people, and the device is powered by four AAA batteries.

In terms of its capabilities, the Wyze Scale S is quite close to matching its “big brother.” In addition to that, eleven other metrics are included in the package. The readings of your heart rate will no longer be available. Taking measurements of your heart rate when you are standing is not really helpful, so this is not a major concern. It is not the same as your heart rate while you are at rest since, in order to get that reading, you need to be completely still.

The following is what you will receive as a result:

  • Weight
  • The index of body mass
  • Bone Mass
  • Mass of the lean body
  • Muscle mass
  • The proportion of body fat
  • The proportion of body water
  • Visceral fat
  • Protein level
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Age-based on metabolism

You may believe the readings for your weight and body mass index, but you should treat the results of the other measurements with a grain of salt. This is true of all smart scales. All of these are very general estimations, and it is possible that they will shift quite a little from one day to the next.

The other compromise that you’ll have to make with the Wyze Scale S relates to the construction of the device. The product is less luxurious appearing and has a more compact size as compared to its previous edition. For instance, there are four metal electrodes that are visible, and in order to acquire a reading, you will need to step on them. The original version has a glass top, which gives it a more elegant appearance. According to Wyze, having these particular sorts of electrodes allows for more exact readings to be taken. The Wyze Scale S additionally features a luminous LED measuring 3.5 inches in diameter that serves as a display for the readings.

Aside from that, there are no other significant distinctions between the two. Additionally, the Wyze Scale S can connect with third-party applications like Google Fit, Fitbit, and Apple Health. It is possible that Samsung Health will be introduced to this list in the not-too-distant future. In addition, there is support for as many as eight people, in addition to modes for guests, babies, and pets.

One less set of batteries is required now than was previously required. With typical use, the three AAA batteries will provide you with an operating period equivalent to approximately one year and a half.

There is also a step-to-wake feature, which is rather practical. After a reading has been obtained, the scale will transmit it to nearby Android or Apple devices via Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE 5.0).

It may not come as a complete surprise that Wyze has expanded its product line to include a smart scale that is even more affordable. After all, the company with its headquarters in Seattle is an expert in the production of inexpensive smart home products. What did come as a pleasant surprise, however, was the fact that Wyze was able to reduce the cost of its initial sale by a few dollars more than we had anticipated. Just fifteen dollars for a digital scale? That is less expensive than the majority of low-priced Chinese brands.

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