XPLORA GO is a wearable with five everyday usage cases

XPLORA has unveiled the XPLORA GO, a wearable with five everyday use cases including children, the elderly, pets, bikes, and assets.

The Norwegian outfit known for producing high-tech toys for kids is expanding its array of products. Its newest wearable can be used by the young and old.

The device emulates other XPLORA devices in that it may be used as a children’s watch with functions such as calls, messages, a camera, emoji messaging, a step counter, and alarms. Parents can use it as a safety tool to keep an open line of communication with their young children.

The innovation is in the new use cases. The gadget comes with attachments and preset interfaces that allow it to be utilized for multiple purposes. Each specific case application makes use of the essential standard capabilities such as GPS and position tracking, geofenceable zones, an SOS button, WiFi and mobile connectivity.

The bike tracker, for example, warns an owner if their two-wheeler is being tampered with. If someone attempts to take the bike, an alert will sound via the accompanying smartphone app. Simultaneously, the automatic tracking function will activate, informing you of your vehicle’s location at all times.

The same use applies to other assets. Simply clip the tracker on an object such as a suitcase or handbag to keep tabs on them. You can even link it to your pets to know how much they move and designate geofenced regions.

Last but not least, the versatile device is suitable for usage by senior citizens. They are able to track the number of steps they take; they can set an alarm on it to remind them to take their medication; and it also has support for calls, alerts, and an SOS button so that they can stay in contact with their loved ones.

The XPLORA GO devices start at a price of £69.99, which is approximately $90. Beginning in April, consumers will be able to acquire the wearable by visiting www.myxplora.com as well as other shops. You will have the opportunity to learn more about it the following week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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