Zepeto: all about the app with which to Create your Own Virtual Clone

Zepeto: all about the app with which to Create your Own Virtual Clone

With more than 10 million installations, ZEPETO has become one of the phenomena of the moment . From Instagram Stories to Twitter profile images they have neglected real images to accommodate the adorable virtual clones created with ZEPETO. The app does not waste originality precisely. In fact, many will say that the three-dimensional avatars that can be generated with ZEPETO are nothing more than a plagiarism of Apple Memojis . And probably so, but there is no doubt that this application created by SNOW Corporation - which in turn belongs to Naver, creators of the Line messaging app -, is having its moment of glory and has even been able to outshine the own virtual avatars of the iPhone.

But really the success of ZEPETO is not only due to its ability to create three-dimensional clones. And the application is also a social network , which allows users from all over the world to interact with other people through their own virtual “I”.

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What is ZEPETO?

As soon as you download the application, a group of ZEPETOS welcome you, encouraging you to create an account, or to log in through one of the platforms available for it - Facebook and Twitter among them. Once you have given your data to the application, the next step is to take a selfie or choose an image from the gallery, from which the application will create your own virtual clone.

If the result does not get too close to reality, or there are flaws, then you will be directed to an editor from which you can modify each and every aspect of your appearance - take advantage now, because your features are one of the few things that you will be able to edit without having to go through the box - before saving the changes and entering your own “room”.

So far, the steps to follow are extremely simple, and the truth is that the result of the generated avatars is more than correct , hence thousands of users around the world are using them as profile images on various social platforms. At the end of the creation of the clone and reach the main room, it is when we see where the secrets of the app are hidden.

To begin, we will see the occasional announcement in the different settings and options menus - something obvious, because after all it is a free app. In addition, for having created our own virtual clone we will receive 1,500 coins . These coins, which of course can also be acquired with real money, will be used to unlock clothes, movements, dances and other exclusive additions such as the possibility of having several ZEPETOs , which otherwise will not be possible to obtain.

And not only the appearance of the avatar is customizable. It is also possible to acquire decorative elements for the main room , such as paintings, posters or lamps. And it is that the room can not only be seen by the user himself, it is precisely here where the social component of ZEPETO enters the game. In the tab with the magnifying glass icon on the main screen, it will be possible to search for other nearby ZEPETOs, and “stay” with them virtually either to visit their rooms or to invite them to ours, as well as follow them and talk to them .

How to create and export your own virtual avatar with ZEPETO

A good part of ZEPETO users want to use the application only to create their own 3D avatar and then use it as a profile picture in any other social network. Of course, there is no problem in doing this, and - for the moment - ZEPETO does not limit the possibility of exporting the virtual clone in the form of an image - although if you want to have several avatars you will have to go through the box. To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Open ZEPETO and log in with the account you want to use.
  2. Choose your gender: male or female.
  3. Take a selfie or choose an image from the gallery where your face clearly appears. Wait for the app to generate the avatar.
  4. In the editor, you can modify any aspect of the face you want, either by choosing one of the predefined examples, or editing it to your liking.
  5. When you’re done, click on the “Next” button in the upper right.

This way, you will have already created a 3D avatar with ZEPETO . If you want to modify something, from the home screen you just have to click on the icon on the right side in the lower toolbar, and choose the “Edit Face” option.

At the end, it is possible to export the avatar as an image to be able to use it on an external platform . To do this, on the home screen of the app, click on the camera icon and choose whether or not you want the background to be shown through the icon on the left side with a grid. Finally, click on the large central blue button and you can save the image in the gallery .

In addition to image, it is also possible to record a video while the ZEPETO remains in motion. This, however, makes more sense when one of the movements available in the app store has been acquired.

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How to create custom emojis with ZEPETO

In addition to creating your own Avatar, ZEPETO also offers the possibility of generating personalized emojis from the virtual clone itself in the purest Bitmoji style, and even creating your own emojis with predefined expressions or custom text snacks. You just have to follow these steps to do it:

  1. In ZEPETO, go to the Profile tab from the button on the right in the lower toolbar.
  2. Click on the “Emoji” option.
  3. A series of emojis already created with the virtual clone will appear. By clicking on each of them, they can be sent through popular applications such as WhatsApp , or store the image in the gallery.
  4. To create a custom emoji, click on “Create emoji” and modify the aspects you want in the editor

What else can be done with ZEPETO

Social network, creator of avatars ... and games. Yes, ZEPETO also hides mini-games with which to hang out when you have run out of coins to buy new virtual clothes. While for now this is the part of the application with more bugs and less content included, it is possible to play games like “Flying ZEPETO” , inspired by the classic Flappy Bird only with a flying box instead of a bird, and which will serve to get coins depending on the score obtained in each game.

It is also possible to access a “Photo booth” mode , where our ZEPETO will appear alone, in a group, as a couple or with a strange pet similar to a cat but with a cloud texture called BT21, and whose images can also be exported so that they can Be used on other platforms.

In short, after a tool with the creation of personalized avatars to use in our social networks, a whole virtual world is hidden where users from all over the world can connect and chat - there is even a private chat integrated in the app - and even play And hang out. A most curious recipe, which has helped boost this application to the top of the charts in the most popular app stores.

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