Zepp has released a stand-alone app for iOS that will assist you in monitoring your basketball skills

The devoted client base of Zepp has been rewarded with a gift in the form of a free mobile application for their smartphones. There is no need for you to purchase any additional hardware because all you need is the Standz Basketball app for iOS. This app will automatically track your shots and record video clips for you.

A startup company based in California that was established in 2012 by athletes, employs technology such as 3D images and interactive training tools to assist athletes in reaching the next level of performance in their training. Their goods are meant to help you maintain your competitive edge, and they offer options for a wide variety of sports and have the support of a large number of professional athletes. To this day, Zepp has introduced products that may assist in tracking tennis, football, baseball, golf, and softball games.

The organization gives off the impression that they intend to compete in every sport. The most recent tracking endeavor it has undertaken focuses on basketball, but unlike previous efforts, this one does not require you to purchase any hardware. You only need to download the free software on your phone and find a suitable vantage point from which to direct the camera on your phone towards the hoop. Even though it won’t give you the same level of comprehensive intelligence feedback that you receive from Zepp’s physical goods, the app is still an excellent instrument for keeping track of your progress and performance.

Every scoring play is automatically captured by Standz Basketball, and the user is not required to take any action. In order to ensure accurate backboard and hoop detection at the beginning of the session, you will need to properly align the backboard within the viewfinder. Detection will solely function on baskets that have a net. After each shot is taken, a video clip is then automatically captured using the camera’s built-in software. The software will also keep track of your successes and failures.

At the conclusion of the session, the software gives you the option to either produce an automatic highlight reel, video album, or game recap. Your movies can be customized with features such as immediate replays, slow motion, and special effects. Even a social occasion is dedicated to the acquisition of bragging rights.

Freebies are quite popular among consumers. Because Zepp does not currently sell any basketball monitoring hardware, the app does not directly compete with any of the company’s other offerings. Yet, the decision to make the software available for free may appear counterintuitive from a financial point of view. Furthermore, giving anything away for free frequently results in value being created further down the line.

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