Zepp Tennis 2 allows you to monitor your performance and compile statistics for matches

The next iteration of Zepp’s intelligent tennis sensor has just been introduced. The new gadget has video highlights that are made automatically, as well as more performance indicators and better social features.

Your tennis swing is analyzed using important performance indicators by Zepp Tennis 2, which you can download for free. The motion-sensor training system is easy to put on any tennis racquet, and it will help you keep track of and improve your tennis technique.

The Zepp Tennis 1 (square sensor) and the Zepp Tennis 2 are fundamentally distinct products due to a number of important differences (round sensor). The product of the second generation has a battery life that is significantly longer, a charging time that is significantly shorter, and an increased number of internal accelerometers.

Your tennis racquet can be outfitted with the itty-bitty accessory in one of three distinct ways. through the use of the Flex mount, which can be attached to any racquet and is reusable; the Pro mount, which can only be attached to one racquet at a time; and the Insert mount, which is compatible with a limited number of racquet models. The device takes over 1,000 data points each second and wirelessly delivers the information to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth.

Zepp Tennis 2 monitors every stroke, including forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, and smashes, as well as the amount of power generated during each individual stroke or across an entire match. In addition to this, it keeps track of the amount of time you spend actively on the court and measures topspins, slices, and flat shots. On the second version of the gadget, you can change things like the speed of the ball and how fast it spins.

The data also shows how frequently you are hitting the ball in and around the sweet spot, which is the optimal location for hitting the ball. Smart Capture is a new technology that lets you automatically record each swing and make a highlight reel. This means that you can now use video tools.

In addition, there are a number of different social features, leaderboards, and a lively community of people that are enthusiastic about Zepp. You’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and follow the developments in their lives.

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