zOrigin is a do-it-yourself wearable that can be customized to fit your requirements

Imagine for a moment that you had the ability to design your own wearable. On the crowdfunding platform Crowd Supply, the initial proof-of-concept for a brand new chip-stacking technology has recently been launched.

This wireless fitness tracker, which has been given the name zOrigin, consumes very little power and is quite affordable. The zGlue chip-stacking technology was used for its construction, making it the first product of its kind. The compact wearable device is pre-loaded with a number of sensors that, if activated, can be used to track information such as the user’s heart rate, skin temperature, and the total number of steps walked. It has a sturdy plastic case and comes with a smartphone app that allows you to view your stats. It has dimensions of 11 by 28 millimeters.

The zOrigin made its debut at the San Francisco Maker Faire, where it was unveiled by the founder of Misfit, Sonny Vu. The zOrigin also comes equipped with an ARM Cortex M0 processor, an LED, a Bluetooth LE radio, and a vibration motor. Almost everything you require for a simple fitness tracker is included in this bundle. A rechargeable battery with a 25 mAh capacity keeps everything running, and a single charge keeps it going for one to two weeks.

The chip can be incorporated into your own products, but the truly cool part about it is that you can design and manufacture your own chips in a matter of days using a web-based design tool that is accessible online. Consider putting the kit to use in the creation of a DIY panic button, a piece of smart jewelry, or sensors for the insoles of your shoes. There is no limit to the possibilities.

The zGlue Integration Platform, sometimes known as ZiP, is essentially the Raspberry Pi or Arduino of the wearable technology industry. Using specialized software tools, anyone can make a unique chip for their own smart device that is cheap, very small, and uses little power, and then have it built quickly.

At Crowd Supply, the development kit may be purchased for $149 and will be delivered by the end of August.

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