Zwift, a provider of online training, has acquired the operating technology startup Milestone

Zwift has acquired the already established and successful IT company Milestone. With this purchase, it can now start making its own footpods.

One of the most popular activities is running inside. But let’s face it, unless you’re watching TV or chatting to someone on the phone, it’s not the most exciting of experiences, and we all know it.

Zwift is a platform for virtual online running (and cycling) that allows users to create avatars and navigate through virtual courses using those avatars. This encompasses everything from the fantastical island of Watopia to paths modeled after those in Central London. To get started with Zwift, all you need is a treadmill, a footpod, and a device. This could be a mobile phone, a tablet, or even a full-fledged computer.

Athletes from all around the world will be competing alongside one another, and you will even have the opportunity to race against them for rewards. Your avatar is powered by the information collected from the footpods by the system. The technology also gives plans that are individualized to your current level of fitness and removes the element of guesswork from the training process.

Zwift’s running footpods serve as a gateway to the platform’s extensive library of virtual running environments. As a result of this, the company is currently considering developing its own footpod. The MilestonePod will essentially serve as the basis for this improved product.

With the MilestonePod, you can turn any pair of shoes into a smart pair, making it a popular item among runners. You only need to clip it on, and you’ll be good to go. The gadget will stay attached to your shoes for the entirety of their lifespan, at which point it will be able to be reset and transferred to a new pair. Zwift plans to develop a brand-new and significantly improved footpod by capitalizing on the success of this feature. Something that has a more responsive feel to it and can be used for jogging both inside and outside. Eric Min, the Co-Founder and CEO of Zwift, stated that this is a key milestone for the company as it moves into the running industry.

Zwift’s goal is to get more people to exercise regularly than they might have in the past. It does this by combining the benefits of indoor training with more fun and social interaction.

In spite of the fact that Zwift now directly controls the rights to the MilestonePod, the company will continue to support other manufacturers on its platform. As a result of the transaction, the business has been able to acquire a member of the team that was responsible for the design of the legacy Milestone product. This includes Jason Kaplan, who formerly served as CEO of Milestone.

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