Frequently repeated mistakes in SEO that can be avoided

Most of the online business owners known that SEO is important for the success of site. Here are the 5 Most Common SEO Mistakes and endeavor to avoid them. SEO, as an area of constant change, it is essential to be aware of the latest information in order to avoid errors that can have extremely negative repercussions. When working daily in SEO, I find myself with several errors that could be avoided easily. Some of these errors happen because people have no knowledge of SEO, failing to implement the search engine optimization concepts for search engines. However, I have also analysed a couple of hands projects that had been accompanied by other professionals and They made the same basic mistakes. If it is excusable that someone with no knowledge of the area commit basic mistakes, the same cannot be said as to who charges substantial amounts for SEO work, then make basic errors. Whether you want to do all the SEO work on your website, or if you have hired or think of hiring someone for this purpose, it is important to know the basic ideas of site optimization. In this article I will outline the


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MYSQL Error 1067 : Could not start the Windows MySQL service!

  • Thursday 24th December 2015
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You are new to MySQL and encounters an installation problem. You tried to install the windows service. When you check the Windows service, the service appears in the Services index as MySQL set to automatic.

However, when you try and start the service you get the following error:

Could not start the MySQL service on Local Computer.
Error 1067: The program terminated unexpectedly.

MySQL is basically installed at C:Program FilesMySQLmysql

You exactly have the same problem

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SEO for Festive Season – Quick Checklist

We always have holiday season and festive season which is the best time for e-commerce business.

With the evolution of time, retailers have sought alternatives to achieve more traffic to their site, generating more sales opportunities. Some stores have adopted special strategies of SEO to increase organic traffic and achieve more profitable sales. This work requires a plan and we recommend that it must be done 6 months prior to the time. If you have not done, we set aside a quick checklist for you to align with your team.

Check list

After defining the offer on products, review if they meet the following items:


Adjust the titles in their categories and products. Add the term Christmas Offer after the product name or category.

Meta Description:

Transform your Meta Description in a real shop window: highlight the best deals in relation to price, installment and delivery.


As well as titles, contents are very important, they will make search engines understand the level of relevance of your site. Bet on content related to Christmas Offers and the products and categories you want to sell.


Many companies work with Christmas Offers. This is a good opportunity for your promotion as social networks and blogs has a peak of hits compared to other days. Despite the challenging environment in the economy, the market outlook remains very positive. It is estimated that revenues will grow by

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7 Points on Comparison between Cloud and Dedicated Servers

  • Saturday 12th December 2015
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In recent days, due to the problem occurred in the service of Cloud Computing caused by a lightning strike in the CPD of Ireland, has resurfaced the debate on the benefits of Cloud Computing versus other more conventional media, such as dedicated servers.

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Best three benefits of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a fast developing technology and it has captured the industry rapidly. The advent of the cloud has impacted the hardware industry severely. And going by its current pace the cloud platform is ranging high.

Due to the cloud system the hardware business

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