Facebook Etiquette – 5 things you should and should not do

  • Friday 8th January 2016
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The following etiquette are not something that we should all abide strictly. Instead, I would say that these are purely the guidelines to improve our social interactions and experiences on Facebook. Therefore, I encourage all of you to take these measures and apply them as they fit!

Instead of posting on the wall, Private Message.

Even if you have exhibitionist tendencies and wants everyone to know about their innermost secrets, others may not share the same slope. Your friends cannot take it too kindly when you put what they did last night at a party, at home or any other material that should be kept between closest friends. The truth is that, most of your Facebook friends will hear about it on a public platform. The walls have ears, especially the Facebook wall. Better keep those conversations behind closed doors in private messages.

Be aware that you are talking in public

When you have hundreds of friends and acquaintances on Facebook, there are people of all kinds, all with different jobs, beliefs, personalities, etc. Status updates with a general statement may seem harmless to you, but others can read it in a different light. For example, it is a note about how advertisers deceive unsuspecting consumers to buy something you do not want to. What they may not realize is that, some of the friends in the advertising industry could see the status in news feed. It is a general statement, but they may think that you are trying to reach them. Of course it will not be fun to consider all possible misinterpretations before publishing anything.

A call instead of the feed

This is not just Facebook label; is social etiquette or even common sense. If you need to tell your friends or your family about important or personal news (eg, death in the family), not to declare on the public domain. Facebook is a social networking site and is a public platform. This means that people can know what happened. The other reason for not publishing is that, its free. It’s the main reason why you should use the SMS (or even the phone) to end up with someone. It’s rude to convey important news, be it good or bad, without some form of genuine communication through voice tone and body language.

Respond to comments, especially if they are questions

You post a status, and friends make comments. I think the least you can do is recognize them when answering anything, especially when questions addressed to you. If you ignore it all the time, chances are that they will not worry about status for much longer.

Avoid posting comments on each publication

If you are chasing your friend, leave as well. Do not make a habit to make any comments about everything that your friends post or they start to get suspicious. Even if I say in all honesty that is not to persecute anyone, it will not be easy for them to believe that their status updates always appear in your news feed. It is open secret that all check the profiles of your friends from time to time, but to review all is admit you’re constantly checking profiles. What is even worse is that your friend’s friends may notice though is a ‘regular’ commentator. If you do not want to be labeled as a pest, try to limit your comments.


Later in the day, it’s entirely up to us to follow these rules of etiquette. I think it is important to keep balance between being funny and sensitive. On the one hand, we should not limit ourselves to the rules and regulations that limit our creativity and spontaneity of our social interactions. On the other hand, we must be aware of Facebook’s public nature to protect our privacy and at the same time respect the fact that each of us is part of the experience on Facebook for everyone else.

Advantages and Disadvantages that Smartphones can bring

  • Thursday 7th January 2016
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Cell phones and smart phones have made life more convenient but still has got many advantages and disadvantages in terms of communication. These rooted devices are portable and comes in incredibly convenient formats. Its relative accessibility make it essential for emergencies, travel and conversations in the day-to-day life. The rapid increase in technological advances recently resulted in the availability of high power of mobile communication devices for the general public. The mobile phone technology continues to advance, creating devices that act as phones, computers and cameras, all in one package. While many people today consider smartphones, and the variety of services and capabilities included in these devices like benefits to consumers for every advantage there is still a disadvantage, and their communication skills has positive and negative points also. The convenience can quickly become a nuisance with a mobile device, so that the consumer consider between its advantages and disadvantages. The advanced features and capabilities of smartphones may not always be advantageous.


Disregarding the fact that the technology progresses and electronics tend to decrease in size, smartphones are always bigger, thicker and heavier than standard cell phones. Electronic components used in the manufacture of a smartphone are higher because the sophistication of the features require more robust devices. Whether the size of smartphones an advantage or disadvantage is simply a matter of taste and opinion. No matter the size in both handsets and smartphones are still compact enough compared to other devices, and are easy to load into the purse, pocket or held on the belt without taking too much space and is always ready to use.


Continue a conversation on the phone while you are with friends or in the company of others is socially rude, which has resulted in bans on the use of mobile phones in some public places like restaurants and others.

Constant Availability

The most obvious advantage of mobile phones is their ability to stay connected and available to friends and family full-time. Mobile phones make it possible to continue with daily routine activities while waiting for important news from someone else, and that in emergency cases, the mobile device makes the aid is only at a distance of a connection. In addition to communicating on the phone, the device includes e-mail capabilities, text messaging and instant messaging.

Instant Information

The cell phones allow instant exchange of information, from the most mundane things as the most important. For professionals who require more information and  possibly updated and accurate, as brokers of the stock shares, journalists, economists, businessmen, this ability to make and receive calls at any time and anywhere is more than helpful. Many mobile phones have e-mail and Internet capabilities as well, further increasing the ability to send and receive information.


The ability to send and receive email while away from home or office computer is a significant advantage in owning a smartphone. These devices provide the ability to consolidate multiple email accounts, alleviating the need to visit multiple websites and different login credentials. Email accounts are consolidated in a practical way, and messages are displayed in a uniform and user friendly device.


Browsing the Internet from a smartphone should be considered as one of the main advantages of owning a device of this type. Access to search engines, news, weather, sports and numerous other information, is presented on pages specifically designed for smartphones provide users access to unlimited information at any time and place. The only potential disadvantage to internet in the smartphone involves children and inappropriate content on the web. Children and a smartphone possession of teens can view or access adult content that is inappropriate for their age.

Constantly Connected

This constant communication can also count as a disadvantage, while people may not be able to avoid the temptation to use their mobile devices in an exaggerated manner while in public or in the company of friends and family. The urgency of responding to all calls or send text messages all the time is strong, especially with the ultra-connectivity of smartphones, and some users just cannot resist. A very strong dependence on your handset can annoy others around you, or make you the company of others briefly, but with excessive frequency.


Most smartphones sold today contains GPS feature. These devices allow users to point their exact location on a map and get customized directions to any location. This feature is a great advantage that alleviates the need for other GPS device in the car. However, smart phones also allow users to share their exact location on social networks, which can potentially lead to incidents like kidnapping, robbery, and other similar crimes. Users who choose to share their location should consider having only those people in the network who are known to them as a part of security and privacy.


Smartphones have the advantage of being able to install and operate an unlimited number of applications and programs. This allows users to customize their devices with programs designed for their individual needs and preferences. Apart from that many applications for smartphones can be obtained for free.


Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of a smartphone, compared to other standard mobile devices, is significantly higher price. These devices contain screens with higher resolutions, better cameras, bigger storage capabilities, and a huge variety of benefits and features that are not available in normal phones. The luxury, convenience and greater efficiency that smartphones provide, combined with the high quality equipment, means that users should pay more for this.

Physical Pain

Extensive and excessive use of a mobile device can contribute to physical pain in the form of “cell phone elbow”. Hold the phone in the ear for long periods of time clamp the nerve that controls your index finger and pinky, causing tremors and numbness. Prolonged injuries can result in nerve damage. To prevent this, move your arms while talking on the phone and do not hold the arm bent for long periods of time.

Increase in Distraction

While the ability to call and send text messages to friends while performing other mundane tasks seem convenient, but it can cause lapses in attention and create problems for you and those around you. By focusing on a conversation in the form of speech or text, typically means that you pay less attention to your surroundings. According to a Risk Analysis Center at Harvard, 6% of car accidents involving fatalities or serious injuries are caused annually by the use of mobile devices while driving.

What is a SmartPhone, its Advantages and Disadvantages?

  • Wednesday 6th January 2016
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What is a SmartPhone – A Smartphone is a mobile / cell phone with advanced features. The Smartphone is controlled by an operating system that converts the phone into a “mini computer”. In addition to the “normal” capabilities of a mobile phone (make calls, send messages, etc.), the Smartphone allows you to access the Internet using browser in the phone. You can also access Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Gmail, YouTube, MSN, DropBox, eBay, etc. You can install new applications on your smartphone (there are thousands of free apps), or create your own applications.

SmartPhone Operating Systems:

  • iOS (Apple)
  • Android (Google)
  • Windows Phone (Microsoft)
  • BlackBerry

Advantages of SmartPhone

1. An advanced smartphone can be equipped with high quality camera (8 megapixels minimum), with ability to record HD videos. Depending on the Smartphone might also include GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, MP3 player, touchscreen, etc. Of course it all depends on the smartphone specifications that you purchase. 2. Can increase the functionality of your phone by adding new applications. The Apple and Google store has thousands of free apps. 3. Provides access to social networks easily (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, etc.). 4. You can access your favorite websites directly on your phone. 5. Ability to read and reply email on your phone. 6. Ability to edit documents (by installing editing applications). 7. Smartphones allow data synchronization with multiple services (Dropbox, for example).

Disadvantages of SmartPhone

1. A smartphone consumes a lot of battery – As stated, a SmartPhone has several advanced features, making it the largest standard battery consumption. To save battery power, you should disable features such as GPS or data in the background (when not in use). 2. A SmartPhone consuming Internet bandwidth – If the player repeatedly access the Internet, YouTube, Facebook or Market certainly see your balance “disappearing” or “increased mobile bills” if you did not choose proper data plan.

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