How to Choose a Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

  • Monday 22nd June 2015
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Dedicated server Hosting is pretty much important and they are beneficial for the companies that rely on their online presence. Companies use these services to store their mission critical applications. It is pretty much considerable that these applications perform well and they are available for their clients and employees use whenever required. The biggest problem that companies have with hosting providers is lack of flexibility.

Providers that are not flexible with their clients can cost these businesses thousands of rupees in overage charges, and loss of productivity. Here are some numbers of things that we need to consider while choosing a next hosting provider:

Hardware Replacement and Upgrades:

There are three parts of the server that usually need upgrading: the Processor(s), RAM, and hard drive(s). These three things usually determine the uptime and performance of any application. A web host should perform these upgrades upon your request or as per requirement. The hosting provider must discuss with you when the upgrade will take place and estimated downtime that may occur. This ability is important because company requirements change as per time. Having a hosting provider that can cooperate with you effectively keeps your visitors happy, and your business online.

Data Transfer/Bandwidth:

Stay away from resellers. Web hosts need to have the ability to allot the amount of data transfer or bandwidth that their clients need. Hosts that have their own data center are a perfect example of companies that have the ability to supply their customers with the resources they require. They will be able to help you if you are worried exceeding the bandwidth that is allocated to you.


Every customer has different requirements, some want to be actively involved in managing and running their server, but lot of them do not want to deal with the technology at all. Go for the web hosting provider who is able to support your company’s best interests. Customer support should always fit your requirements, not theirs.

In conclusion, the hosting provider you choose must be capable to provide all your businesses requirements. Whether it is hardware, data transfer or support, you must be comfortable and feel happy in working with your dedicated servers hosting provider.

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