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The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the creation and development of advertisements, when searching through certain keywords that appear in certain areas in search engines.

A greater amount of Internet traffic comes through search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc). If your website does not appear in search results, it is invisible to most people and can run the risk of losing many business opportunities because your prospects will not find your products and services.

Google, the most popular search engine throughout the world, uses its own advertising system called Google Adwords. Users and we can recognize these ads labeled as “sponsored links” in Google search results.


Why You Need a Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Google uses its own advertising system called Google Adwords

The SEM is a quick, easy and effective way to bring customers to your website with a good return on investment. The SEM can target your ads specifically to users who are looking for your products or services.

When making a campaign for Search Engine Marketing you get the following benefits:

  • You only pay per click, so you only pay for results.
  • The cost fits your budget, so spending is controlled.
  • Provides a well-targeted traffic, i.e., corresponding to an audience that is actively seeking for your products and services.
  • You can create a different ad based on the keyword.
  • Your ad can be seen almost immediately.
  • Any change or modification is immediate
  • The results can be seen almost immediately (in term of hours).

What’s the best strategy for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

  • Definition of Keywords (search criteria).
  • Creating ads based on keywords.
  • Planning and management of the campaign.
  • Creating web landing page.
  • Traffic Monitoring and Analysis.

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