Spending an afternoon with friends playing dare or truth can become a fun and original activity, you just have to know how to ask the right questions! Dares and dares between friends are usually one of the most common pastimes among young people, however, if you want to take the activity to another level and try a more extreme game of truths and dares , you will like this article.

In the following article we show you a compilation of the craziest, funniest and most extreme challenges for funny friends so that you can put yourself to the test like never before. Do you dare to play with these extreme challenges and hot questions? Take note!

Fun With Friends

Next, we make a list of the best extreme challenges that you can propose to your friends. Remember that for all kinds of truth or dare questions it. Here are some of the first challenges for fun friends at home or on the street that you can carry out:

Extreme Challenges At Home

Looking for embarrassing challenges and fun challenges to do from home? These are some of our favorites:

  • Take off the four pieces of clothing chosen by the affected person.
  • Stay in your underwear in front of everyone for x minutes.
  • Get into the smallest closet alcove in the room for one round.
  • Phone a loved one and make a false confession agreed upon by the group.
  • Take a spoonful of spicy.
  • Make someone see that you are flirting with him or her.
  • Call your partner and tell him that you are pregnant.
  • Make a video call and kiss your phone for two minutes.
  • Send an emoji to your boss.
  • Take a video of you passionately singing in the shower.
  • Let your friends pick your next Tinder date.
  • Tell someone you don’t like what you really think of him/her.
  • Admit what is the most ridiculous thing you have ever done.
  • Impersonate someone else for the next 2 rounds of the game.
  • Show off a hidden talent you have.

Extreme Challenges On The Street

If you are looking for challenges for a friend or challenges for a friend that you can carry out in the street, take note, because these are some of the most fun.

  • Disguise yourself as a dinosaur and ask people for directions.
  • Have a minimum 5-minute conversation with a random person on the street.
  • Ask someone for their phone number.
  • Sing someone a romantic song a cappella.
  • On a hot day, go outside in flannel pajamas and slippers.
  • Pretend to have an embarrassing conversation on the phone with someone next to a stranger on the street.
  • Running in underwear and barefoot down the street for x minutes.
  • Ask someone random on the street what’s the weirdest thing they’ve ever done.
  • Run on one leg for two minutes while saying the alphabet.
  • Ask someone on the street if they think you’re attractive.
  • Hug the first person you meet.
  • Shout to the 4 winds that you have fallen in love.
  • Give a bouquet of flowers to the person you prefer on the street.
  • She starts singing a song to someone on the street and waits to see if they can follow her.
  • Walk backwards for 2 minutes and greet everyone you meet on the street.

Chat Challenges For Friends

If you and your friends can’t physically see each other, then some good chat challenges are what you need. We propose some ideal options if you are looking for some challenges for remote friends . Take note:

  • Call an unknown number and order a pizza. Insist even if the person says that it is not a pizzeria.
  • Go out on the balcony and record yourself screaming free shots at my house!
  • Upload one of your worst selfies to Facebook
  • Post an embarrassing WhatsApp status
  • Send a screenshot to your friends showing you confessing your love to a person of their choice
  • Put the profile picture of one of your friends for x days
  • Play “how much battery do you have left”. This game consists of depending on the battery you have, you will have to face one challenge or another. 90% or more battery : you have to say the name of your crush. 80 - 90% : tell a secret. 60 - 80% : describe the relationship you have with the members of the group through the title of a song or movie. 40 - 60% : say what your opinion was about another person when you met. 20 - 40% : say what you feel for x person in the group 10 - 20% : send the last 5 photos you have taken to the group. Less than 10% : tell a joke.
  • Share a risque video that you like with the rest of the group.
  • Make a list of the body parts you like most about another person in the group.
  • Send a message with only emojis, another person of your choice will have to decode them.
  • Record yourself singing an embarrassing song that you like.
  • Take a photo of yourself doing the comb and send it to whoever your friends say.

If you want more chat challenges, don’t miss this other WhatsApp Challenges article . In addition, you will find there easy challenges to start more smoothly. Find the best challenge for friends or keep looking at the options that we give you below.

Hot Challenges For Friends

Whether you are looking for truth or dare challenges that you can play remotely or if you want truth or dare challenges with which you can challenge your friends face to face, these options will please you. Ready to discover some spicy and daring challenges with your colleagues?

  • Send a suggestive photo to a WhatsApp contact chosen by the rest of the group.
  • Drink a shot of tequila from someone else’s body part.
  • Comment on a Facebook photo of someone you know. Make the comment somewhat spicy.
  • Write a “random” message to one of your WhatsApp contacts declaring your attraction to him/her.
  • Send an audio to someone pretending that you are having an orgasm.
  • Tell an erotic dream that you have had and that you remember.
  • Admit it: have you ever wanted to be with someone in the group?
  • Let someone dress you how they want during the following rounds.
  • Kiss another person in the group, on the part of the body you prefer.
  • Try to excite someone in the group for a minute.
  • Wear someone in the group’s lingerie for half an hour.
  • Pass an ice cube with another person for a minute until it melts.
  • Get into a dark room with another person for 10 minutes.
  • Do 20 squats in your underwear.
  • Stretch on top of another person during the next round.
  • Send an exciting message to someone.
  • Run your tongue down the neck of someone in the group.
  • Take a sexy photo and send it to another person in the group’s mobile.
  • Send a dirty message to the person in the group of your choice.
  • Kiss someone in the group for at least five seconds.
  • Show what your favorite toy is.
  • Search the Internet for some strange posture that you don’t know and try to imitate it with the objects you have at hand.
  • Whisper something bold and suggestive into another person’s ear.

More Activities For Friends

If you have been wanting more challenges to play with fun friends , then we offer you other proposals. There are countless challenges that can help you, but we recommend you choose the best ones depending on the confidence you have and the preferences of each participant:

  • Go to a mall and dance – One of the best dare or truth challenges. Go to the shopping center of your choice and record yourselves dancing “La Macarena” for a few minutes.
  • Go to a hardware store and try to buy eggs – If you are looking for a challenge for friends that is embarrassing and surreal, these types of fun challenges are the best. We advise you to do it when there are more customers in the store, so you will make the affected party more embarrassed.
  • Use the shoe as a phone : a classic if you are looking for embarrassing challenges for friends. Go to a public place and have the affected have a serious conversation for a long time.
  • Pretend you don’t speak the language : Try to strike up a conversation with someone by pretending to be a foreigner. One of the best challenges for a shy friend, because he will have a hard time and he will not be able to stop acting until you say so.
  • Ask for a funny photo : if you have been wanting more hot challenges for friends, this is ideal. That the person affected go down the street and ask a person to take a picture of them in an exaggerated or suggestive pose. The goal is for the person to make the most exorbitant pose possible trying not to laugh.
  • Write a story : It is not one of the most daring extreme challenges, but it is certainly a good challenge for friends. You have to write an erotic story of at least 100 words… and pass it on to the rest!
  • The models game : they have to take a minimum of 5 photos of you imitating the poses of the models in the swimsuit catalogue.
  • Imitate a movie : you will have to imitate some scene from 3 different movies and have another member of the group guess them. The movies must be chosen by the rest of the players.
  • Put on your best voice : take a nearby book, the one indicated by the rest of the players, and read a few pages using the most absurd voice you can for 2 minutes.
  • Make up like a clown : you have 30 seconds to make up like a clown as well as you can; the rest of the group will have to point out the final result… if you don’t pass, they can choose to give you another test that they think is appropriate.

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