The Third Generation of the Wearable Smartwatches known as the Wearbuds Watch Stores your Headphones

The Third Generation of the Wearable Smartwatches known as the Wearbuds Watch Stores your Headphones

After two successful campaigns on crowdsourcing platforms, airpower is returning to Indiegogo with the third iteration of the Wearbuds Watch. The device’s most impressive feature is that these wireless High-Fi earbuds can be found inside a smartwatch. A gadget that is essentially comparable to AirPods and is designed to be extremely portable.

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There have been three generations of the Wearbuds Watch so far

The majority of crowdfunding initiatives involve a significant amount of risk on the part of the investor. When you consider that the company has already shipped two generations of the product using the platform up to this point, this one is not as challenging. Airpower was able to generate over $1.5 million through the crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2019. After waiting an additional year, it launched yet another successful campaign.

At this point, we have access to the product of the third generation. The company claims that it has made improvements to the manufacturing process and that it will be able to distribute 1500 devices as soon as the campaign comes to a finish. The remaining units will be shipped out to the backers by October 2021 at the latest.

This version is distinct from the previous two incarnations in that it has the appearance of a typical smartwatch. Specifically, it features a circular face with a TFT display that is 1.2 inches in size. The first two generations have an extended form factor and the appearance of a hybrid between a watch and a fitness band. Because of this, the third generation is more appealing.

Excellent acoustic quality

Although the earphones are not very remarkable, the sound they generate is of excellent quality. But what truly sets them apart from other watches on the market is that they include a charging chamber that is an integral part of the watch’s design.

This implies that you will no longer need to search around for them or their charging case since you will no longer need to hunt for them. In addition, you may be assured that you will never run out of battery power because the earbuds will always be fully charged. Remove them from the exercise band and immediately prepare them for use.

A digital silicon microphone and a 6mm graphene horn speaker are included in the packaging of the earbuds. They feature faultless audio streaming with no skips or drops, thanks to the usage of a sophisticated audio chip. This is made possible by the fact that they support Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, they deliver high-fidelity sound employing drivers that have been enhanced using graphene.

You can use either earbud to make hands-free phone calls because they both support the mono mode of Bluetooth 5, which is the default setting. The noise-canceling mics and passive noise cancellation that are built into the device should make it possible for you and the caller to have an uninterrupted conversation. Additionally, you get access to your phone’s assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa).

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Tracking one’s fitness level

The fitness band constitutes the other component of this device. And this has been given some further attention this time around. It contributes to the feeling of originality that one gets from the inventive combination of the two products.

The fitness bracelet not only stores your headphones but also charges them and keeps track of your steps, calories burned, heart rate, and whether or not you exercise and how long you sleep. All of this is accompanied by a smartphone app that allows you to analyze the data collected from your workouts and modify the notification settings.

A blood pressure sensor, a sensor that measures the temperature of the user’s skin, and a sensor that measures the amount of oxygen in the user’s blood are also included. It is important to point out that we do not have a lot of faith in the watch’s capacity to locate the person or thing at the very bottom of this list. Even the most well-known manufacturers do not yet get the blood pressure monitoring from the wrist completely figured out.

The watch can go a full ten days on a single charge of its battery, which is quite impressive. The buds can play music for around two and a half hours and a half before they need to be recharged. To charge them completely from zero to full takes approximately an hour and a half while they are contained within the watch.

The watch’s thickness, which is 15 millimeters, should be something you keep in mind while purchasing it. It was, of course, essential to accommodate the earbuds within the body of the device. The front of the device has dimensions of 45 mm by 35 mm, and it is attached to a strap that is 20 mm wide.

Those who get in early can purchase this product that combines two uses for the low price of $129 and in various color configurations. When the Wearbuds Watch becomes available in retail stores, the price will be reduced by 48 percent from what it currently offers.

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