25,000 free fitness bands will be given out to residents of Australia who purchase Cadbury goods

Lucky Australian consumers who buy three or more of Cadbury’s chocolate goods from Coles will be entered into a draw to win one of 25,000 free fitness trackers that Cadbury is giving away. There are still a couple more days left in the promotion.

Although chocolate is high in calories, you may get a free fitness band and see if it helps you burn off those extra calories. Cadbury, which is manufactured by the illustrious British business Cadbury, is the world’s second-largest candy brand, after only Mars. People who enjoy chocolate will be familiar with the brand name because it is famous for producing Dairy Milk chocolate, the Creme Egg, and Roses selection boxes, among other chocolate treats.

The business is now conducting an offer in Australia that is scheduled to end on July 22 or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Customers of Coles who make a single purchase of at least three different Cadbury chocolate goods are eligible to participate in an online competition that gives them a chance to win one of 25,000 different fitness bands.

Please do not forget to keep the receipt you were given. This is due to the fact that without it, you won’t be able to input your information on the Cadbury website and hence won’t be able to redeem the offer.

In addition to stating that the fitness band has a value of $28 and presenting a photo of it on the marketing posters, the corporation has not really identified which fitness band it would be giving away. The blurb refers to it as a “bonus smartwatch,” however it is rather obvious that it is not a smartwatch.

Within the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group, one of our customers uploaded a photo. The purpose of this group is to showcase “Bargain Buy Brags” and other rates and deals that are available around the country.

At first appearance, this appears to be the fourth generation of the Xiaomi Mi Band. If that is indeed the case, then this is a pretty great cheap wearable that boasts the title of being the most popular fitness band sold anywhere in the world during the final few months of the previous year. The Chinese technology behemoth has just recently come out with its successor, the Mi Band 5, which features a display that is 1.1 inches bigger than its predecessor.

However, we believe that the M4 smart bracelet is more likely to be the culprit here. This is a knockoff version of the Mi Band that costs less money but does not perform nearly as well as the original. It’s interesting to note that the M4 is rumoured to be capable of measuring blood oxygen levels as well as blood pressure. However, you should not place an excessive amount of confidence in such readings because it is quite unlikely that they are true on a band that costs only a few dollars. On the other hand, it might be handy for keeping track of steps, activities, and calories.

You just have a few days left to buy some chocolate and take part in the fun before it’s too late, regardless of whether this is the Mi Band 4 or the M4. The Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group members are really interested in taking advantage of the deal. They have shown their enthusiasm through more than 600 comments that they have posted on the Group page. 

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