+35 Difficult Riddles For Kids With Answers

+35 Difficult Riddles For Kids With Answers

Word games are perfect entertainment for the little ones in the house. Through riddles, children’s deductive capacity is put to the test, encouraging the development of the imagination and inviting them to think and reflect to find a coherent answer. They can be easy, hard or fun riddles - they all help to grow your intellect. Some riddles with answers are classics for kids and some have very obvious answers, but all of them are for kids to have a good time and get their brain activity going. They may respond immediately or need more time to think, but the laughs are guaranteed.

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Difficult riddles for kids with answers

Do you want to test your little ones? Give them the following difficult logic riddles for kids and check with their corresponding answers if they are able to come up with the correct solution.

  1. I have a bow and I am made of wood, but not an arrow.
  2. Gold seems and silver is not, whoever does not guess it is a fool.
  3. My name is Ana and my last name is Fe, if you don’t get this right you’re a standing donkey.
  4. Everyone calls him father, but his children call him uncle.
  5. I walk around without resting, stop immediately and stop drinking.
  6. You are in a truck with a plane in front and a horse behind. Where are you?
  7. 4 little horses are dancing and as much as they run they never reach each other. Solution?
  8. The ladies are together in a corral and, when it rains, they all cry together.
  9. Round circle that, if you hit it, you give a good jump of fright.
  10. Two fans that don’t stop all day, but when you sleep they stay still.

Answers : 1. The violin. 2. A banana. 3. The stove. 4. A priest. 5. Water mill. 6. A merry-go-round. 7. The winder. 8. The tiles. 9. The drum. 10. The eyelashes.

Easy riddles for kids with answers

Having a fun time is the main objective of these children’s riddles, so it is important to ask them simple questions so that they do not fall into frustration and see that they are capable of finding the correct answer.

  1. I carry my house on my back and I walk without having legs. She left a silver thread where my body passes.
  2. He has great size, famous memory, tough skin, and the biggest nose in the world.
  3. I build my nets between branches and in corners so that unsuspecting flies fall into them.
  4. Green on the outside and white on the inside, if you want me to tell you what it is, wait.
  5. I tell you and I repeat and I must warn you that, as much as I tell you, you will not guess.
  6. I am a bird and also flat, but I have no wings or beak.
  7. Every morning it rings at the same time to tell us to get out of bed.
  8. She is similar to my mother being older and has other children who are my uncles.
  9. I roll and stay in the pockets.
  10. I put out bonfires and fires with a hose, ladder, and helmet.
  11. It is not a planet and it has a moon, it is not a door and it has a frame.
  12. It illuminates the entire house despite being small as a pear. What is?
  13. If you say my name, it breaks.
  14. Short tail and long ears, I run and jump very lightly.
  15. Lana goes up and wool goes down. What is it about?

Answers : 1. The snail. 2. The elephant. 3. The spider. 4. Pear. 5. The tea. 6. The hazelnut. 7. The alarm clock. 8. Grandma. 9. A coin. 10. A firefighter. 11. The mirror. 12. A light bulb. 13. The silence. 14. A rabbit. 15. The razor.

Fun riddles for kids with answers

To conclude with these riddles for children, nothing like a few full of humor and fun . The answers can be hilarious!

  1. It is as big as an elephant and weighs 0 kilos. What is?
  2. I have many hearts, but no other organs. That I am?
  3. I have no head, but I do have a neck.
  4. I spend all my time on the floor and never get dirty. Who I am?
  5. There are two things you can never eat for breakfast.
  6. There is something that you can easily hold in your right hand and never in your left hand.
  7. Despite having 4 legs, I cannot run or walk. That I am?
  8. It’s mine, but it’s commonly used by others.
  9. There is an animal that, after dying, rotates around its axis about 200 times. Which?
  10. Before the discovery of Mount Everest, what was the highest mountain on the planet?

Answers : 1. The shadow of an elephant. 2. A deck of cards. 3. A bottle. 4. Your shadow. 5. Lunch and dinner. 6. Your left elbow. 7. A chair. 8. My name. 9. A roast chicken. 10. Mount Everest, but it had not been discovered yet. Aren’t these riddles funny?

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