6 Ways Negativity Hurts Productivity (And How to Fix It)

Negativity is a state of mind we all succumb to from time to time, but what differentiates the great from the average is how they deal with overwhelming situations.
Instead of reacting to their environment and allowing negative emotions to flood them, they choose to take control of their thoughts and take action. There is no place for pessimism when it comes to business, and today Kayla Matthews is explaining exactly how your negativity can impact your productivity, demotivate your team and harm your relationship with clients.
Everyone knows somebody who is the “Negative Nancy” of any group. They are constantly complaining, are extremely pessimistic and they just bring everyone else down.
Now, let’s say that the negative person is you. You might think that your downer attitude doesn’t affect anything else in your life, but it does. Your attitude and mindset carry over into just about everything, even your hobby or career of blogging.
So, how exactly does this negative attitude impact your blogging? Let’s find out.

# 1. It Leads to Procrastination

procrastination2Negative attitudes ultimately lead to laziness, and the lazier you are the less you will accomplish. This unbecoming attitude can be a huge problem for bloggers because it causes you to procrastinate, even more than you might have done, to begin with.
The big problem with this is that procrastination doesn’t allow you to perform at your highest potential and put out your best work. All because of a negative attitude, your blogging quality can decrease, and you can also fall behind on your schedule.

# 2. It Stifles Creativity

When you are constantly portraying a negative attitude, your brain is putting a lot of energy ,  itself. In turn, you are not able to come up with creative solutions and ideas that you may have thought of otherwise. The point is that, negativity blocks creativity.
This stifling attitude can kill your blogging career! Bloggers and writers need to consistently be creative in order to carry out their duties. If you are down in the dumps all of the time, your creative juices are going to stop flowing.

# 3. It Kills Innovation and Change

Today’s world thrives on innovation and change. Every day, there is something new and exciting happening and you need to be able to adapt in order to keep up with the times.
A negative attitude simply doesn’t allow for innovation and change to occur. You aren’t able to create new ways to do something or think of a useful update that could vastly impact your blogging capabilities.

# 4. It Can Displease Clients

unhappy-clients1A lot of bloggers work for themselves or their company, but there are also a large number of bloggers who write for someone else such as clients and companies who reach out to them. For those involved with clients, you really need to keep your attitude in check.
Your negative vibes can not only come across in your writing possibly, but they can show through when you are communicating with the client. Rest assured, they are not going to be very happy with your negative attitude and they might not come back to you for further work.

# 5. It Decreases your Problem Solving Capacity

You need to be able to solve problems while you are blogging, just as you do in the rest of your life. Technical issues can come into play or a slowed income stream might present itself, and you must face these problems and correct them.
A pessimistic attitude will get you nowhere because you will be blocking your own vision when it comes to finding the best solution. Your negativity will keep you from thinking about a problem in a positive light and you will struggle even more because of it.

# 6. It Can Bring Your Whole Team Down

Just as some bloggers work for a client, some bloggers also work in more of a team environment. There can be writers, editors, and, proofreaders all involved in the publication of a blog and the attitudes of all members are important.
One negative attitude on the team can bring the rest of them down, and even cause them to develop negative feelings, as well. With all of the negative emotions flying around, work quality and efficiency can decrease thus leading to a cycle of bad work.

How to Turn Your Attitude Around

Now, if you’re having too many problems with negativity, you might want to see a lawyer about getting social security for depression (more). Your overly pessimistic feelings can keep you from performing your duties and can lead to other serious health issues, as well.
For everyone else though, it’s not too difficult to turn your bad attitude around in the right direction. With a little bit of effort you, can get the optimism rising and your blogging work will reap the benefits.
One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through diet and exercise. When you nourish your body with nutrient dense foods, it simply operates better and makes you feel better. The same goes for exercise, as well. Physical activity releases mood-enhancing hormones throughout the body, and a short daily workout session can leave you feeling more positive every day.
You can also turn your attitude around by learning something new. Pick up a new hobby or interest and simply learn as much as you can about it. The sense of accomplishment will bring out the positive attitude in no time.
You can also socialize more, smile often and simply choose to have a positive mindset. Knowing that negativity can have serious implications on your writing is the first step in turning yourself around, and being mindfully optimistic will lead towards better productivity and blogging quality.

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