8 Best Android and iOS Apps To Make Measurements And Calculations Of Distances

Smartphones are a wonderful invention that can improve many important things in life. An example is the development of applications to make measurements and calculations , which everyone has to do from time to time.

In this case, we will see the best applications to measure surfaces. These applications are very useful for many activities, such as agricultural services, appraisal, buying and selling land, or just hobbies.

With these surface measurement apps, you can make length measurements, point to point distance comparison, height measurements and many other functions. They are really helpful and will get you out of trouble if you need it.

Here is the list of the best distance measurement apps currently available for iOS and Android.

1. EasyMeasure

EasyMeasure tops our list of distance measurement apps . It is a quality app that is used by Android and iOS users. It works quite well and gives accurate results.

It allows users to measure the actual distance, length and height of any object. It also easily measures tall building or distant objects. You can record objects using the camera option.

After recording, accurately measure the distance with the camera and view the result. You can easily measure the length of your friends with this app. When you decide to measure an object, you just have to point the phone at it. It is an easy to use application and very popular among the people.

It has a nice design and can be easily downloaded from the Play Store. You can use the app to take a photo of your measurements. It is a great application that can be used in any optimal conditions.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Automatic distance measurement.
  • Offer in-app purchases
  • very intuitive
  • Share your measurements

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2. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measurement is the second on our list of distance measurement apps. With existing technology it is possible to measure the distance, height and length of an object.

Measure distance or area using the GPS settings on your phone. You have to select a start point and an end point and then start measuring. Show at least 3 objects on the map.

The reliability and accuracy of this application is very good . However, the distance to a single point cannot be measured. The measurement is more accurate so that users can use it at any time. Users can select any unit of measure, points and miles.

Absolutely measure the detected points accurately. The calculation is very easy and you have options to find two points on the map. You can easily use this app on your Android device.


  • Paddock measurements are very easy
  • Story Save Points
  • Use of existing technology
  • Reliability and accuracy are good
  • Quick coverage, remote dial and smart dial mode

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3. Ruler

Ruler app is the most interesting of the distance measurement apps on Nixgame. Just like the other apps, it is very easy to use . You can use it anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. It is a simple application with more than 40 languages. Hold your phone over an object.

It behaves like a real tape measure and is misleading when it comes to measuring. The app is compatible with all devices and is easy to install. Once the process is configured, press the “Done” button. You will have fun measuring the surface accurately . This app is generally good for its unique features.

It is an application that works like a tape measure. This is a so-called “smart rule” that sets the units of measure correctly . It has 4 different measurement modes , such as point, level and line. Users can easily use it. This app is very useful for calculating a long distance with a real tape measure.


  • Allows you to take precise measurements
  • Simple and easy
  • 40 languages included
  • 4 different measurement modes

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4. Maps Distance Calculator

Maps Distance Calculator is a reliable application to calculate distances between maps. Users can measure any distance on a map in two ways. The distance between two consecutive points can be easily calculated.

The pencil tool can be used to measure the correct distances every time. With this app, users can press the measure button. A long press of the stylus will display a continuous drawing.

The main feature will be the ability to use 3D maps with precise measurements. This app measures two paths using the stylus tool. It shows the distance to certain places and allows you to save the calculations. You can calculate the actual distance to save your measurements.

Do it in the app to measure the exact distance. You can also use the stylus tool to draw a path. If you want to save the points, save them on your device. Users can check if their route is in the waypoints list.

These are some of the features of the Google Maps Distance Calculator app that make it worthy of a spot on our list of downloadable distance calculator apps.


  • Actual distance calculation
  • Use the points of the pen
  • Quick storage of measurements
  • Rich user experience and 3D maps

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5. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan

AR Ruler has built-in functions to measure objects and space. Everyone uses this app for its unique features. The application is very comfortable and easy to use . Physical measurements with a tape measure or ruler are no longer necessary.

Users can easily measure objects, both in real space and on objects. Unlike other applications, very accurate results are obtained. You have to pull the phone in any direction and measure the scores. This gives you exactly the results you expect.

It is a very useful tool for experimentation . Scoring is expected to be very accurate in this app. It facilitates the measurement of objects or spaces.

Includes tape measures and camera option plans. So you will never get bored of using this app to make measurements. These are some of the features of the AR Ruler app that have taken a worthy place in our list of distance measurement apps.


  • Improved distance measurement
  • Practical tools are used
  • very comfortable to wear
  • Real or physical tape measure or ruler

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6. Distance Meter

An EDM is a simple and uncomplicated tool. It is used to measure nearby objects. Allows users to measure the correct distance and height. Use your mobile camera to measure the distance to an object. Aim lightly at the ground and pull the trigger . Measure the distance to objects quickly and as clearly as possible.

Stand up to correctly measure your height. There is a final trigger to calculate the score. This is the best app to measure distances. It measures the height of various objects and also calculates the distance. To get an accurate view of the height, you need to press the phone’s camera against the object.


  • Simple and easy to understand
  • measure different objects
  • Use your phone’s camera to calculate the objects

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7. Smart Measure

Smart Measure is the most popular distance measurement app for android and Ios users. About 10 million downloads can be found in the Google Play Store. The app supports 12 languages and helps to measure distances and points.

It can be used to easily measure both the distance and height of any object. It is suitable for measuring anything related to objects or space. You’ll get precise results that you can pinpoint with your phone’s camera.

It has 3 distance measurement tools, such as the smart ruler, the tape measure and the distance. It is easy to use and accessible to everyone . The main functions are: screenshot, virtual horizon, material drawing, etc. Nice design and easy to use user interface.

You can quickly measure objects close to the meter scale. This application is specially designed to measure all kinds of objects. Its functionality is excellent and satisfies the users.


  • Great measurement tools for Android users.
  • user-friendly interface
  • Capture objects with the phone camera
  • Good and accurate results

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8. Smart Distance

Smart Distance is a great app for measuring distances and objects. Using the phone’s camera, you can calculate the closest space and objects. This app has unique features and is ideal for measuring.

Only the objects closest to the height and to the target are displayed. This app has unique capabilities and uses your phone’s camera to take photos. It is a great and useful application to measure distances.

Android users can download this app for free from the Play Store. Measurements are made using a set of smart tools , just like in other apps. Let’s see the most effective results at the 10M and 1km ranges.

Here are some of the features of the Smart Distance app that have earned a spot on our list of distance measurement download apps.


  • long distance version
  • Using the Smart Toolkit
  • Expect the most accurate results
  • Simple and easy to use

Download from Google Play Store

9. Pedometer – Step Counter

Pedometer is the best distance measurement chart for android and Ios users. It will allow you to better follow your distance. It is a great app that uses people to make accurate measurements. The app allows users to record the distance taken by the phone’s camera.

They can calculate the distance as 10 m or 1 km. Measurement results can be checked with the phone. It also measures the pace of the counter. It is the most popular app that is searched by everyone in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Users get it for free and support it. It offers in-app purchases and is handy if you use it for free. It shows your measurements based on the GPS information of your device. These are some of the features of the Pedometer - Pedometer app that make it take its place in our list of downloadable distance measuring apps.


  • More active and easy to use
  • Available for free
  • Measurements based on GPS information
  • Track distance with phone camera

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10. Auto Distance

Auto Distance is a distance measurement app for Android and iOS devices. It is an easy to use and easy to use application. With this app, it is very easy to measure the distance to an object. Use the camera option of the measuring devices to quickly estimate the value.

You can place it next to an object and calculate the measurement. The app provides accurate results when the camera is placed close to the object. It can be seen through the camera lens. The user quickly obtains the information and correctly estimates the distance.

This option, simple and easy to use, is recommended for everyone. Users can attach the camera to stable objects for instant accuracy . If it is shaken, the results will be inaccurate. Therefore, please keep the phone camera firmly attached to the object.

These are some of the features of the Auto Distance app that have earned a place in our list of distance measurement apps.


  • Easy camera positioning
  • Uniform fixation of the camera to objects
  • Quick distance estimation
  • Easy to use and to use

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These are some of the best surface measurement apps for iOS and Android. They can be used not only to measure surfaces, but also to measure distances, orient, store and share data. We hope you find this article useful. Download the one that suits you best and try it out.

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