A clip-on gadget that helps you remain in your optimal breathing zone and is required by RESPA

A device similar to Fitbit that tracks your breathing patterns while you practice yoga is called RESPA. In addition to this, it provides users with real-time warnings that assist them in maintaining optimal breathing and fitness zones while they are working out.

Because it brings oxygen to the cells, breathing is absolutely necessary for maintaining a healthy equilibrium in the body. When you’re working out, it’s very vital to make sure you’re breathing appropriately. Your body needs a significant amount of oxygen in order to accomplish the desired higher level of performance. Breathing too quickly, taking shallow breaths, and inhaling or exhaling at the wrong moment are common examples of common errors in breathing technique.

When professional athletes are interested in having their breathing analyzed, they will often choose to pay for costly lab examinations that use heavy and intricate equipment. RESPA is a brand-new product that was just released on Indiegogo. It is a clip-on device that takes the lab to you.

In the context of physical activity, its algorithms analyze the breathing data gathered by sensors and provide feedback to users regarding whether they should exert more effort, maintain their current pace, or slow down. This allows you to train more effectively and reduces the risk of injury. A companion app is now available, which offers post-workout analytics to help users measure their progress and plan their exercises. During your yoga practice, RESPA will prompt you to focus on your breath and bring you back to the present moment.

According to Dr. Abhijit Dasgupta, PhD, co-founder of Zansors and Chief Data Science Officer, there is currently no fitness tracker on the market that can monitor your breathing through the use of sound. As a result, Zansors developed RESPA in order to fill this need.

I’ve always been interested in how, when properly collected and evaluated, data may assist people in becoming more self-aware and making positive changes in their lives. This is precisely what RESPA is intended to accomplish.

This campaign may pique your interest if you are wanting to infuse more vitality into your exercises or remain more in sync with your breath when practicing yoga. Alternatively, you may be interested in this campaign if you are looking to improve your yoga practice. Different models are used for yoga, casual athletes, competitive endurance athletes, and coaches. Yoga is one example. It is anticipated that backers will receive their rewards around September.

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