A Comparison Between the Amazfit GTS and Amazfit GTS Mini

Huami is in the process of releasing a number of new smartwatches right now, one of which is the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini. There is a difference between this model and the GTS 2, which was released in October of last year.

The revised GTS 2 Mini was released alongside the Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e in December 2020. Both of these watches were made accessible worldwide. We’re going to put those two watches out of our minds for the time being and concentrate on the GTS 2 Mini instead. How does it compare to the GTS 2 in terms of performance? Which of your qualities do you lose, and which do you gain?

We’ll compare and contrast the two options by looking at their individual features and characteristics, making it easier for you to decide.

Price and Availability 

As was said earlier, the GTS 2 Mini and the GTS 2 were both released within a span of a few months of one. If you are searching for a wearable device that is not overly expensive, your best option is the GTS 2 Mini.

When compared, the GTS 2 represents a substantial rise in cost.

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that is affordable and looks fantastic on your wrist when you are not in the gym, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is a great option to consider. It has over 70 different sports modes and a vivid and full of color display, making it stand out from the competition. Which, by the way, will provide you with current measurements of your health.

In spite of the fact that it is relatively new, the GTS 2 has quite a few benefits over its predecessor, the Mini. Because it has a display with a higher pixel count, the whole user experience is improved. In addition to that, it enables you to store music, navigate programs with the use of voice commands, and take and make phone calls. On the other hand, it will cost you about twice as much as the Mini, and it does not have any of the fitness functions that the Mini does

Design and display

Amazfit GTS 2

Both the GTS 2 and the GTS 2 Mini, which is a smaller version of the GTS 2, are meant to have a sophisticated square appearance. You will receive a watch commensurate with the cost you will actively want to put on. However, if we’re being honest, the build quality will never be on par with that of an Apple Watch.

The case of the GTS2 has dimensions of 42 millimeters in diameter and 9.7 millimeters in thickness. It comes in a choice of three colors: gray, black, or gold. The casing is made of aluminum alloy and comes with a silicone strap that is 20 millimeters in width as well as a plastic case back. There is only one physical button on the entire device, and it is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters.

The GTS 2 Mini comes in three different colors: black, pink, and green. Its casing has a size of 40 millimeters and is 8.95 millimeters thick. The casing is constructed using an aluminum alloy and polycarbonate in the same fashion. In addition to that, it has a silicone strap of the same size, and it is waterproof.

Therefore, despite utilizing the same materials as the standard casing, the Mini’s form factor has been refined to be more compact. The Mini does not have the curved border that is seen on the GTS 2. Because of the reduction in size, the display will necessarily need to be modified in comparison to the other versions: 

  • The GTS 2 features an AMOLED screen that is 1.65 inches in size and has a resolution of 348 by 442 pixels.
  • The display on the Mini is an AMOLED panel that measures 1.55 inches and has a resolution of 354 by 306.

This will result in a decrease in quality; yet, because it will be packed into such a small display, it will still be possible to have a clean screen experience on a watch that costs approximately $100. Both of these display modes include an Always-On setting as one of their options.

Battery capacity

Both watches, which are excellent news in terms of battery life, provide a lengthy runtime for their respective batteries. The GTS 2 has a guarantee of seven days for regular use, twenty days for basic use, and three and a half days for heavy use.

In contrast, the GTS 2 Mini promises a battery life of 14 days during regular use, 21 days during basic use, and seven days during severe use.

These numbers indicate that the Mini will have a longer battery life than the standard iPad, but it is important to keep in mind that the Mini has a smaller screen and fewer functions that require power. That is to say, and this will have an impact on how long it can go without being charged.

Functions for monitoring fitness and athletic performance

Fitbit’s smartwatches integrate fitness monitoring with the capabilities of a smartwatch. Huami’s Amazfit smartwatches are beginning to be mentioned in the same sentence as Fitbit’s smartwatches.

Users have expressed general satisfaction with the fitness monitoring capabilities, and you can anticipate more of the same regardless of the version of the GTS 2 you decide to purchase.

In order to allow tracking of everyday activity as well as monitoring of sleep, the more advanced GTS 2 includes all of the primary motion sensors.

In addition, to continuously monitor heart rate, measure heart rate during activity, and enable Huami’s PAI Health assessment system, the BioTracker 2 PPG health sensor tracks stress levels and stress levels during activity. It also monitors heart rate continuously.

In addition to that, it enables measurements to be taken continuously or right there and then of the blood’s oxygen content.

It is compatible with ninety different sports monitoring modes, such as jogging, swimming in a pool, and cycling. Additionally, it is equipped with GPS and GLONASS for mapping your outside activities.

The GTS 2 Mini is almost exactly the same as the larger GTS model when it comes to the sensors.

It appears that the air pressure sensor has been removed, which prevents the monitoring of extra data from the surrounding environment during the tracking of outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing.

Even though there are only 70 sports modes instead of 90, it nevertheless includes the same fundamental sports modes and offers the same analytics.

Both of these watches do an excellent job of monitoring your health and fitness, with the exception of the air pressure sensor and a few additional sports modes.

The functions of a smartwatch

In this respect, the Amazfit offering has always given the impression that it lags behind other products available on the market. On the other hand, with the GTS 2 and GTR 2, Huami has obviously tried to strike a better balance between the features of a smartwatch and those of a fitness watch.

With the release of the GTS 2, we were given a watch that was compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. This watch gave users the ability to check their watch for notifications, make phone calls via Bluetooth, personalize their watch faces, and control music playback on their connected smartphones.

You may synchronize your music with the embedded music player on your Zepp using the associated phone app. This player has about three gigabytes of storage space for your music. In addition to that, it comes with an offline voice assistant that enables users to control critical watch functions and settings and access to the Alexa smart assistant.

To what extent, then, was the GTS 2 Mini’s feature set ultimately utilized? The app will continue to support notifications, but in addition to that, it will include fifty different watch faces, thirty of which will display continually, and a mode for a Pomodoro clock. In the event that you are not aware of the Pomodoro technique, it is a method for enhancing one’s productivity throughout the course of the day.

Although it does not include a built-in audio player, it provides you control over the music played on your smartphone. Huami and the intelligent assistants offered by Amazon are likewise not available. There is no way to get in touch with Huami by phone, and she does not appear to be available.

If you want to have a smartwatch experience that is more robust in terms of its feature set, your best bet is to go with the GTS 2 rather than the GT2 Mini.


Due to the fact that it shares many of the same characteristics as the GTS 2, the GTS 2 Mini gives the impression of being a scaled-down version of the GTS 2.

When compared to its counterparts, the Amazfit GTS 2 had unreasonably high pricing. When compared to Fitbit and Apple, the experience provided by the app has a few drawbacks, but these issues are simple to overlook given the lower cost of the competing products.

On the other hand, this issue can be remedied by using the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini. It offers much the same experience but at a much more affordable price. The larger GTS 2 is, the better option to take if you are looking for additional space for music as well as a smart assistant. The GTS 2 Mini, on the other hand, is available at a lower cost than these other things, making it a more attractive purchase.

The GTS 2 Mini is the way to go if you’re interested in purchasing a scaled-down version of the standard GTS 2.

The smartwatch offers the lowest possible price point. The combination of fitness and health tracking functions in a device that is affordable and has a long battery life and a clear screen. There are many things to appreciate about this location.

What makes the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini unique in comparison to the Amazfit GTS 2

  • Seven days greater run time on the battery (14 days versus seven days)
  • 0.75mm less thick overall (8.95mm versus 9.7mm)
  • 5.2g lighter (19.5g versus 24.7g)
  • Function for controlling the camera remotely that is built in
  • 2.3mm less in length (40.5mm versus 42.8mm)
  • 12.2 percent smaller body volume (12.98cm³ compared to 14.779696cm³)
  • Social features

Where does the Amazfit GTS 2 stand in comparison to the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

  • Barometer made of branded glass that is resistant to damage
  • a swimming counter for each individual stroke
  • It can be used to take and make phone calls.
  • 11.82 percent greater power from the battery.
  • 42 percentage points more detailed images (348 x 442 pixels versus 306 x 354 pixels)
  • 13.29 percent increased pixel density
  • 6.45 percent greater screen size (1.65 inches versus 1.55)

Which should you choose to purchase

The GTS 2 is the watch to have if you want a gadget that provides a healthy mix of smartwatch functionality and fitness tracking capabilities. It’s possible that the GTS 2 Mini is a better alternative for people who are more concerned with finding a smartwatch that has excellent fitness features, a long battery life, and a look that’s comparable to what they already have.

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