Garmin Vivomove User Opinions And Reviews

Garmin Vivomove User Opinions And Reviews


Long ago, it became common knowledge that fitness monitoring and sports watches were hefty, brightly colored, durable, and made of rubber. They are not concerned with their appearance; rather, they are meant to be a companion for you on your journeys and during your training. Maintaining one’s health and fitness is the top priority.

Some people enjoy conveying to others the impression that they take their athletic pursuits very seriously. It is the same as having a bumper sticker affixed to your person. Your wrist, to be specific. However, not everyone will benefit from using this strategy. There are those who choose a less obvious approach, and fortunately, the Garmin Vivomove Style is designed to cater to those individuals. It combines the wonder of a fitness tracker with the ingenuity of a smartwatch in one convenient device.

The following characteristics are common to most fitness watches: chunky, vivid colors, and rubbery consistency. You are communicating to the rest of the world that you regard physical fitness as one of your top priorities, or at the very least, that you purchase items that give the impression that fitness is one of your top priorities.

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Initial thoughts and reactions

The watch is extremely lightweight, and this will be the first thing that strikes you about it. Thirty-five grams in weight while wearing a nylon band. It has a dimension of 42 mm by 42 mm and a thickness of only 11.9 mm. It gives the impression of being much heavier than it actually is due to the contents within it.

Aluminum was used for the case, which contributes to its overall streamlined appearance. Depending on the color you select, there are a few different options available for bands and materials. On the other hand, if you are interested in a more luxurious option, you can look into the Vivomove Luxe, which features higher-quality materials such as rose gold, titanium, and actual gold.


The appearance is unobtrusive. The outward appearance is one of uncomplicatedness. You get a classic analog face, and there is very nothing that hints that there are built-in digital features anywhere on the watch.

The truth of the matter is that there is a touchscreen. There are AMOLED displays for your preferred data located at the top and bottom of the face of the device. They are so unobtrusive that even if you look closely, you might not be able to tell them apart from the conventional face.

When you bring your wrist up to your face, the screen will wake up and display the various data fields. You have the choice to leave it on at all times, switch it off completely when you’re not using it, or set it always to be on.

When the displays are turned on, you have the ability to swipe and see a comprehensive list of the Style’s features. This is the point at which you are reminded that you are working with Garmin, which is an industry leader in its field. The Style comes equipped with all of the standard Garmin tracking features. Standard information such as the number of calories you’ve burned, the number of floors you’ve climbed, the number of steps you’ve taken, and your heart rate. Both Android and iPhone users have the ability to attach intelligent features such as notification delivery to their devices.

Anyone who has previously had a Garmin may be glad to discover that the Auto Target feature is still available; this is a function that learns about your activity and then sets a goal to push you.

You are able to keep track of your VO2 Max, as well as your sleep, body battery, stress level, and water consumption. Metrics that you won’t get, as a matter of course, anyplace else are what make it valuable to be a member of the Garmin ecosystem.

Even The Style has something special up its sleeve! The movement of the watch hands conveys information about your location within predefined heart rate zones as well as your current battery level. You shouldn’t put too much stock in this, but having it there is definitely a nice touch. The AMOLED and the more conventional features on the face interact with one another to create this effect.


On certain other Garmin models, the AMOLED display can be quite spectacular. Regarding the Style, well, that can be a matter of personal preference. The screens are another factor that has a substantial effect on the battery. You can get four days of use out of a single charge, and that’s assuming you work out every day and use the fitness monitoring and smart functions of the watch.


In addition to a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, barometric altimeter, and a Pulse Ox sensor are included in the Style. The absence of a built-in GPS is unfortunate, but you can work around this limitation by allowing the device to use the GPS location from your smartphone. You need to make sure that your phone is within reach and that the Garmin Connect app is running. You now have access to data on your mileage traveled and your speed and route.

If you like activities such as running, walking, swimming, or bicycling, you should make sure that you have a way to keep your phone near your body at all times.

If you go through with it, you won’t be sorry. Tracking is handled exceptionally well by The Style. It will even provide you with an accurate estimation of your cadence. For weightlifters, it will keep track of reps, and swimmers will like the fact that they won’t have to count the number of laps they’ve constantly completed mentally. These are just a few instances, but all of the sports modes are generally available. You can rely on rather accurate heart rate zones as long as you are not overly concerned with the specifics of the information.

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The Vivomove Style is a fairly understated piece of technology that has a great appearance. It is so streamlined that there are no buttons to get in the way of its sophistication. Because the Garmin Connect app is so thorough, it is strongly recommended that you have your smartphone close at hand in order to make the most of the more in-depth metrics that are available through the app.

How long will it last

The reliability and toughness of Garmin watches are well-known qualities. There is no reason to believe that the Vivomove Style will be any different, so you should plan on having this for at least three to four years

Is there another option available

Look into the Fossil Hybrid if you’re interested. This is the device that is most analogous to it. It possesses a capability that is comparable to that of the Style, although it does not have as many functions: no touchscreen or custom AMOLED data fields.

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