A Comprehensive Review of the Suunto 3 Fitness Watch

This product from the well-known Suunto brand has a lot to offer customers since it was created with both form and functionality in mind. The Suunto 3 Fitness Watch is not only stylish but also an effective instrument for enhancing one’s level of physical fitness. Because of the reasonable cost, it is an excellent option for individuals who are just starting with a fitness routine but are serious about monitoring their development in a detailed manner.

How would you describe the design of the Suunto 3 Fitness?

Although it has a relatively brief appearance, the Suunto 3 Fitness Watch exudes class and sophistication. Particularly when contrasted with some of the other big and cumbersome smartwatches that are currently available on the market, there are five distinct designs available, so you should be able to choose one that complements your taste among the available options. Although it is not made of the highest quality material, the fact that it is so lightweight and easy to put on makes up for it. It weighs just 36 grams, which is a significant weight reduction compared to previous models produced by the same firm. Because of this, it is an excellent option to wear whenever you are engaging in physical activity.

Even though it has a circular shape and a traditional design, the screen’s color reproduction and resolution are not very high. Even though the backlight isn’t exceptionally bright, the condition is clear to understand even while you’re moving around. Because there is no touchscreen, all of the controls are accomplished by tapping and swiping on the screen. This is one of the most significant drawbacks.

Because it is constructed of silicone, the strap is resistant to being harmed by either water or sweat. On the other hand, it’s not exactly the most pleasant thing to put on.

What Can You Tell Me About the Features of the Suunto 3 Fitness?

The Suunto 3 Fitness is capable of receiving notifications from any smartphone to which it is connected, such as Google Chat alerts, phone calls, text messages, and email messages. It is not possible to select individual apps from which you wish to receive notifications in any way. This indicates that if you’re extremely popular, there may be a disproportionately high number of beeps!

This device also includes a built-in sleep tracker for your convenience. This provides you with a score for the quality of your sleep that ranges from 0 to 100. It is pretty fundamental, yet it is also correct. There is no feedback provided regarding when you wake up or go to sleep, which is a drawback. It is impossible for the device to detect automatically if you go to bed sooner than the anticipated time you have set for bedtime or if you sleep more significantly than the usual time you have set for getting up.

In addition to that, this apparatus includes a built-in heart rate monitor. This is a beautiful feature, but unfortunately, it does not deliver the same level of accuracy as some of its competitors provide. Compared to the readings found on other devices, the monitoring on the Suunto 3 Fitness has a slight lag; but, once the readings have stabilized, the data looks to be generally reliable. It is sufficient to meet the needs of any amateur fitness enthusiast.

Can you tell me about the sports capabilities of the Suunto 3 Fitness?

Suunto has made significant efforts to compete with the most current products offered by Polar and Garmin; nonetheless, the fitness functions lag because of the absence of an integrated GPS. Despite this, there is a significant amount of content available, such as measuring calories, distance, and pace while walking, swimming, cycling, or running. In addition to that, it tracks your heart rate continuously and uses an optical heart rate monitor. In addition, it monitors your sleep, and because it is waterproof to a depth of thirty meters, you can wear it while swimming.

The adaptive training functionality of this watch is definitely one of its standout features. These are guided exercises that help to improve your current level of fitness. They are packed with information about recuperation times and techniques to see the stress level your system is subjected to in real-time. The plan’s goal is to progressively improve your fitness without placing your body under an excessive amount of stress, and it is modified to your own individual demands to accommodate your current fitness level, recorded exercises, and profile. Because of this, the Suunto 3 Fitness is an excellent option for anybody who is just starting out working out.

What do you consider to be the primary benefits of owning a Suunto 3 Fitness?

  • Integrated monitor for the heart rate
  • Capabilities for monitoring one’s sleep
  • Lighter weight design
  • up to 30 meters of waterproofing
  • Adaptive training function, including workout plans that are tailored to your specific requirements.

What Do You Consider To Be The Primary Drawbacks Of The Suunto 3 Fitness?

  • There is no built-in GPS
  • Inconvenient strap

Are There Any Alternatives Available That Can Compete With The Suunto 3 Fitness?

The Suunto 3 Fitness’ primary benefit is the affordable price point it offers. Its low price places it in a strong position relative to many of the products that are now available on the market. This, of course, also means that it cannot compete with genuine competitors like the Apple Watch or top-of-the-line fitness trackers made by Garmin. Learn how to select between Suunto and Garmin by reading more here.

The Garmin Fenix 5 smartwatch is comparable to this model in terms of the number of capabilities; however, it has a more sophisticated and eye-catching design. The Fenix 5 features a lot more fashionable aesthetic, has a lesser look of cheapness, and has a far more comfortable strap. Naturally, this also arrives with a more significant price tag attached to it.

Although the Suunto 3 Fitness is an excellent option for those just starting in the world of working out, it is not the best choice for somebody who is already very serious about staying healthy.

It is possible that the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR would be a better option for anyone who is interested in purchasing a Suunto fitness tracker but has requirements for more capability and more remarkable features in terms of collecting sports-related data. This is a more durable piece of equipment that can better meet the stringent requirements of severe athletes and fitness specialists. It was designed to withstand the most challenging conditions and the most strenuous sports, making it the superior choice for someone who needs more advanced tracking.

Should I Invest in the Suunto 3 Activity Tracker?

Anyone who is just starting on their quest toward higher fitness would do well to give serious consideration to purchasing this wristwatch and fitness monitor from the well-known Suunto brand. It is more than just a simple activity tracker because it comes with individualized workout regimens and a built-in sensor for your heart rate.

Choosing this type does, however, come with a few critical drawbacks that you should consider. It is not appropriate for somebody passionate about increasing their fitness because there is no method to adapt your workout routine to your exact fitness objective, and there is no integrated GPS. The silicone strap is also reasonably uncomfortable to wear, particularly if you want to utilize the sleep monitoring function overnight. However, the low price tag is a massive benefit if you need a properly operational gadget that falls within your budget.

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