A Diver's Prized Smartwatch: The Garmin Descent Mk1

A Diver's Prized Smartwatch: The Garmin Descent Mk1

Garmin’s Descent Mk1 is a powerful dive computer that combines advanced fitness features with all the functionalities you could require when exploring the ocean’s depths. This allows the device to cater to various divers’ needs. The Descent Mk1 is an effective diving computer, despite some people mistakenly referring to it as a smartwatch.

The primary demographic that this product is designed for is divers; however, hikers, marines, and other people who enjoy being outside may also discover that they enjoy using it.

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The Garmin Descent Mk1 is an exceptional piece of equipment in every conceivable way. The Fenix 5X platform, which is at its core, and the functionality that was built expressly for the underwater environment allow it to combine the capabilities of a dive computer with the features of a watch, fitness monitor, GPS, and altimeter. This is made possible by the functionality that was built specifically for the underwater environment.

It uses cutting-edge technology to track all of your actions and gather data from the gym, the trail, or diving to help you improve your performance and get the most out of your workouts.

The watch has a practical and fashionable design, making it a perfect option for activities such as swimming, working out, or wearing casual attire. The ability to perform well and to look nice go hand in hand.

The Descent Mk1 was developed especially for scuba divers. Still, it is also an excellent Smartwatches for sailors, marines, swimmers, athletes, and anyone who wants to wear a wristwatch that is capable, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing. The divers were taken into consideration during the construction of Descent Mk1.


A fitness tracker designed with swimmers and scuba divers in mind, the Fenix Descent Mk1 is ideal for those who spend their time in the water. It is modeled after the Fenix 5X, which includes all of the features contributing to the device’s widespread adoption as a fitness tracker.

The user interface is uncomplicated, making it very easy to gain access to the numerous capabilities that are offered for various kinds of diving.In addition to checking your current depth and time under the water and your decompression stop information, you may use it to plan leisure or difficult dive or even a free dive.

Because the dive computer begins functioning as soon as it determines that you have entered the water, you won’t have to waste time configuring the watch each time you want to go scuba diving because it will begin working as soon as it recognizes that you have entered the water. This eliminates the need for you to waste time and trouble.

The tone and vibration alarms that go off at essential periods in your dive are really beneficial, and the diver acknowledges and appreciates their presence very much. In addition, the computer possesses modifiable conservative settings and can support up to six distinct gas combinations. You will now be able to easily define your personal safety boundaries as a result of this.

One of the missing things is a specific function for the tide; considering that the majority of divers also like hobbies like sailing and boating, this would have been a welcome addition; nevertheless, it was not included.

You can indeed link the Descent to your smartphone in order to gain access to critical information such as a weather prediction and a moon calendar; however, Garmin could have simply included these capabilities within the wearable itself if they wanted to save users the step of linking the Descent to their smartphone.

In addition, DYN tables are unavailable when the machine is set to operate in apnea mode. However, if you switch to the swimming mode, you will be able to track the overall distance completed in addition to the amount of time spent swimming.

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The Descent Mk1 has a design that mixes the rugged look of a practical watch with the sleek and refined lines that have made Garmin famous. This gives the watch a unique appearance.

You can get your hands on it in one of two entirely different guises. The Silver model is the standard one, and it is constructed out of steel for the bezel and silicone for the band. This model is available. Titanium is utilized for both the bezel and the band of the Premium variant, which is also available. The 1.2-inch bright color display that is standard across the entire range of models contributes to the product family’s overall sense of unity and consistency.

It is not only easy to wear but also really comfortable, and it can be adjusted to fit the wrists of the vast majority of individuals very nicely.

Garmin offers the silicone band as not only the factory default black color but also one of three stylish color variations that may be purchased separately from the watch. Although they are not included with the watch, it is comforting to know that you may buy them separately if you so choose.

You can keep the light on even when you are diving since the backlit display is legible in most light circumstances, and the apnea mode may be modified as needed.

Tracking One’s Fitness Level

When you aren’t using it for swimming or diving, the Descent Mk1 converts into a wearable wristwatch that you can use daily and a fitness tracker equivalent to the Fenix 5X.

It now has the Quatix 5 touch, thanks to the addition of an underwater GPS, which allows you to track your hikes and mark waypoints along the way.

The monitoring of the wearer’s heart rate and advanced multi-sport capabilities, such as running dynamics and preloaded profiles for hiking, skiing, bicycling, running, paddle boarding, and rowing, are both included as standard features in the majority of today’s sports watches. Both of these features can be found on most modern sports watches.

The Descent is a smartwatch that, like the vast majority of similar products currently available on the market, provides enhanced connection functions and longer battery life.

The most important advantages

  • By using a dive computer, you can alter the safety settings as well as monitor your performance while you are underwater. Both of these features have the potential to save your life.
  • When set to watch mode, the battery has the potential to last for up to 19 days, while when set to smartwatch mode, it has the potential to survive for up to 10 days.
  • Functionalities for more in-depth tracking of fitness, such as monitoring the user’s heart rate even while swimming.
  • Users can quickly link their smartphones through the usage of Garmin Link.
  • Entirely modifiable backlight settings, in addition to separate alarms.

Main Disadvantages

  • Dive tracking and alerting options are considerably limited while in apnea mode.
  • It does not take into account the use of the arms for strokes or the fins for kicks.
  • Unless a connection is made to a smartphone, no information on the tides will be displayed.

The Way That We Tested

Because it is not always easy to find the best place for diving, we decided to test the Descent Mk1 in the NEMO33 facility in Brussels, which is also recognized as the deepest swimming pool indoors worldwide. This pool is 33 meters (104 feet) deep.

Underwater, the dive computer performed exceptionally well, despite the fact that a number of relatively minor issues had been identified and discussed before.

We wore it continuously for an extended amount of time until the battery expired to test its capability as a fitness tracker, its battery life, and its ability to act like a smartwatch. Even while the battery does not truly last for 19 days, it delivers sufficient power for the watch to function for two whole weeks when it is set to watch mode.

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The Garmin Descent Mk1 is a fantastic all-rounder that can be used for a variety of purposes both on land and on the water. It can also be utilized for various activities in both environments. In light of the smartwatch’s nautical theme, the producer may decide to incorporate additional functions into the product that are relevant to sailing.

It is the ideal Smartwatches for swimmers, divers, and anyone else who is searching for one that is resistant to water in any way. Without a shadow of a doubt, an excellent rate of return on the investment.

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