A Fitbit Versa substitute that costs a fraction as much is the Vela Smartwatch


Versa looks like The Vela Smartwatch costs around half as much as the Versa. The specifications, though, surpass Fitbit’s wearable in many ways.

Although using Indiegogo is like playing the lottery, you do occasionally find a hidden gem. Although we are unsure if the Vela Smartwatch is one of them, it does seem intriguing on paper.

There is no avoiding it. The wearable appears to be the Versa’s identical twin in terms of design. Everything is the same, including the name and the standard watch face, in addition to the case and straps. Versa has stronger water resistance than Vela at 5 ATM, according to its IP68 designation, which appears to be the primary distinction.

However, Vela has more power beneath the hood. You receive advanced heart rate variability (HRV) analytics in addition to basic fitness statistics, several activity modes, Connected-GPS, female health tracking, notifications, and alarms. In order to assess your body’s preparedness for fitness and optimize your training intensity, this also contains a heart health index. The watch can also utilize this information to calculate your risk of developing sinus heart rate, arrhythmias, or other cardiac conditions.

Additionally, you get stress management, which is a feature we’ve seen on Garmin wearables but not Fitbits. Vela most likely calculates this metric using your HRV data. The watch also displays information on your SpO2 level, heart load, breathing rate, and hypoxia time. The early detection of OSAHS, suffocation, pneumonia, emphysema, lung cancer, heart failure, or a history of general anesthesia sleep apnea could all be benefited by this.

In a way, all of this seems too good to be true. The business, however, is confident in its ability to deliver and plans to deliver the device to backers in December. The easy part of the puzzle, in our opinion, is creating a smartwatch with the required hardware. They will need to support this with software and algorithms that are just as effective.

We will, however, be keeping a careful eye on this effort. The typical cautions regarding crowdfunded projects apply.

Cost: $79 and above


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