A flood of new indoor Garmin Connect badges has been introduced by Garmin

Stuck indoors? You don’t even have to leave the house to earn Garmin’s brand-new limited-time badges; you can do it all from the convenience of your own home.

Because of the socially isolating policies that are prevalent in many nations, maintaining an active lifestyle may be challenging. But we are not the kinds of people who provide explanations. There are still opportunities to maintain one’s fitness despite the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Garmin has made new badges accessible for individuals who are interested in collecting them, in case you are one of those people. It is not even necessary to walk outdoors in order to get them. As things start to go back to normal in a lot of nations, the badges are starting to become available. But hey, it’s better to have it done now than never.

A handful of these are associated with riding bicycles indoors on stationary trainers. This contains options for a distance of 10, 20, and 50 kilometers.

When it comes to running on a treadmill, a comparable option is also available. One-mile, five-kilometer, and ten-kilometer options are provided here.

Other indoor badges may be earned by keeping a log of the number of times that you have completed the following activities: five walking activities, five yoga activities, five strength training activities, and five breathwork activities. Garmin has made an announcement about all of them, but it is possible that some of them will take some time to appear in Garmin Connect.

Launch Garmin Connect and then touch on your profile photo to discover what is presently available in your area. If you choose all of the badges, you will be taken through an overview of the “earned” badges, the “available” badges, and the “leaderboard.” The “available” page will show you the ones that you have not yet gathered for your collection.

You’ll note that there is a little gray tag next to each and every one of these items. These come with a tag that says “Limited Time,” so act fast!

The 10kaday badge is another one that will be available for grabs for a considerable amount of time. It was released approximately ten days ago, and one of the requirements is to walk more than 10,000 steps every day for a period of thirty days in a row. The step streak may start no earlier than April 1 and no later than April 30. Therefore, if you have been able to relocate despite the quarantine, the work that you have put in up to this point will not be in vain.

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