A Guide On Easiest ways To Send Money

A Guide On Easiest ways To Send Money

Sending money to friends, relatives, or businesses has never been easier.

Checks and cash both have advantages, especially because the majority of people are already familiar with them. There are, however, safer, faster, and easier-to-manage methods of transferring payments.

Person-to-person payment apps are some of the cheapest ways to transmit money if cost and quickness are factors.


Venmo, which is owned by PayPal, is a free service that allows you to withdraw money from your bank account or debit card. You can also make a free payment using any Venmo balance. However, if you pay with a credit card, you will be charged a 3% fee.

The program is designed to make splitting expenses like food, rent, and entertainment bills as simple as possible. Paychecks can also be deposited directly into your Venmo account.

Venmo has a social component in addition to the payment feature. You can include a message describing why each payment is being made, as well as leave feedback on your friends’ transactions.

Venmo is best used with people you know and trust because of the social aspect. Venmo’s privacy settings allow you to choose who can view and who cannot see your transactions. 

Cash App

Cash App, which is owned by Square Inc, is another P2P payment service that allows users to send money immediately through a smartphone app. The service is completely free to use.

Both the sender and the receiver must create a Cash App account in order to use the service. You can link it to your own checking account or debit card, or have funds put straight into your Cash App account, such as a paycheck.

Government payments, such as a tax return, can also be put into your Cash App account.

You can also get a Cash Card, which is a Visa debit card that is linked to your Cash App account. You can then use it anywhere that accepts debit cards to make purchases.

Cash App has tried to set itself apart from its competitors by allowing users to buy stocks, acquire Bitcoin, and withdraw cash from ATMs, among other things.


PayPal is often used for online purchases, but it may also be used to pay money to individuals. Both sides must have PayPal for one to send money to another.

PayPal is free to use for making personal payments from your PayPal balance or connected checking account. If you send money with a debit or credit card, you’ll have to pay a fee. If you receive a company payment using PayPal, you’ll additionally have to pay a charge.

PayPal can be used to send money to people all around the world. Each overseas transfer will be subject to a fee, which varies by country. 


PayPal also has a separate app called Xoom that is designed particularly for sending money internationally. It’s especially handy if you have family in another country that you regularly send money to or financially support.

Xoom can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Make foreign payments.
  • Money can be transferred between bank accounts in several nations.
  • In some nations, you can send cash for pickup or delivery.
  • Recharge mobile phones from afar

To receive a Xoom payment, recipients need not require a PayPal account.

Messenger on Facebook

Messenger payments are a convenient and free method to pay pals if you spend a lot of time on Facebook. You and the other party must be Facebook friends to send or request a payment, and payments can be made via your computer or the Messenger app.

Add your debit card, prepaid card, or PayPal account information to your payment account. Start a discussion and pick the dollar sign icon (”$”) when you’re ready to send.

Only in the United States may money be sent via Facebook Messenger.

Mobile Payments

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, your phone most likely comes with a built-in money transfer app.

Google Pay is a service that allows you to pay

Google Pay is a free service that allows you to make personal payments. Sending money from your Google Pay account balance, connected bank account, or debit card incurs no fees.

Sending money is very simple for Gmail users. Once the money arrives in your Google Pay account, you can use the money anywhere, to transfer it to your bank, ATM withdrawals, and purchases with your Google Pay Mastercard.

Apple Pay is a service that allows you to pay

Similarly, Apple Pay works directly on your phone, allowing you to pay with the credit or debit card you’ve already linked to your Apple account in apps like Messenger.

Apple accounts are required for both parties. To use, go to Messenger’s “App” icon and select Apple Pay from the list of accessible apps.

The Apple Wallet will send the money from your account right away, once you select between ‘pay’ and ‘request’ and enter the amount to be transferred.

Apple Pay Cash card adds any money which you receive in your wallet app. You have the option of paying with this balance or having it put into your bank account. 

Paying Bills Online

You can usually make payments for free if your bank supports online bill payments.

Create a payee in your online banking portal by entering the name and address of the person to whom you wish to send money. It doesn’t have to be a commercial venture. You won’t have to pay for postage or deplete your check supply because banks usually print and ship checks for you.

This is only free if you can avoid monthly checking account fees and if your bank genuinely sends those payments for free. Check with your bank or credit union to discover what services they provide.

Bank-to-Bank Payments

It’s likely that your bank offers a peer-to-peer payment option. Many people already have Zelle access through their bank accounts, but double-check with your bank or credit union. 

Those payments are frequently free, and funds are available very immediately once you’re up and going. If your bank does not offer Zelle, you can use the service on your own or check with your bank to see what options are available.

Search for a “transfer money to a friend” or similar option. Popmoney, which also offers low-cost transfers, is used by some institutions. 


TransferWise is one of the most cost-effective ways to transmit money overseas. It tries to match the best exchange rate it can, and fees are usually less than 1% of the payment. 

Usually, payments made with either debit or credit cards are immediately processed. It may take one or two business days to transfer funds from one bank account to another.

Fees rise in proportion to the magnitude of your payment. TransferWise will verify your identity before sending funds so that larger payments will take longer. 

Consider the following:

Most P2P services necessitate the creation of an account by both the sender and the recipient. Even if they don’t, if both individuals do, it’s typically easier. If the recipient needs to figure out how to make an account and link everything for a one-time payment, it might not be worth saving $1.

Often, at least at first, such services have a limit on how much you can send. Be mindful of daily or monthly maximums, and learn how to push those boundaries higher. After requesting an increase and providing further information about yourself, some services allow you to send more.

You can always write a check if you’re scared to use an app for a certain transaction. The stamp and envelope will likely cost less than $1, and there will be no need to use a new internet service. If you don’t intend to transfer money on a regular basis, a check may be a convenient one-time option.

If you want to send money internationally, be sure you know whether it’s possible and how much it’ll cost. If you’re not sure about utilizing an app for foreign payments, you can alternatively use wire transfers (which are more expensive) or money orders.

Keep an eye out for scammers no matter how you transmit money. Only send money to persons or businesses you are familiar with and trust.

Most Commonly Asked Questions 

  • Is it possible to send money to someone who does not have a bank account?

Without a bank account, there are various options for sending and receiving money. Western Union and bank money orders are two simple options. You can also store and transfer money using digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Another option is to use prepaid debit cards.

  • What is the best way to pay money to someone over the internet?

Apps like the ones mentioned in this article are among the simplest and most cost-effective methods of sending money online. You’ll need to make an account with whichever provider you pick and, in some situations, link a bank account, debit card, or credit card. To send a payment, you’ll need your recipient’s account credentials or user name.

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