A Guide To MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches is a Los Angeles-based brand that specializes in fashionable quartz timepieces. They aren’t terribly complicated, nor are they prohibitively expensive.

They are available in luxury materials such as polished stainless steel, authentic leather, and mineral crystal for both men and women alike.

MVMT keeps prices low by selling directly to customers; here’s a rundown of what the company provides to its buyers.

A Unique and Differentiated Design

Watches serve as a fashion statement. The beauty of simplification is currently one of the most popular expressions. Traditional and exquisite styles are available for watches; however, there’s the cost. Many people cannot or do not want to spend a large sum of money on a watch. Quality is desired, but not at a high cost.

MVMT is aware of this. Its men’s and women’s watch designs are constantly evolving, and it places innovation at the center of each collection, adding something unique to each design.

The men’s collection MVMT offers a limited-edition collection of watches designed particularly for male wearers, each with its own distinct style.

Here are a few of their most noteworthy watch collections:


Everything you believe you understand about minimalism is turned on its head with the Chrono. The Chrono is immediately distinguishable from similar products. The face has minimal marks, and the time is indicated by prominent notched nodes.

Price: $150 / £120


The Voyager has a bit extra pep than the Chrono. It is split into two time zones. These sub-dials are large enough to be noticed without being obtrusive.

MVMT adds flair to this collection by presenting it in a variety of styles and colors. A leather or stainless steel wristband is available for the Voyager. It’s entirely up to you!

Price: $139 / £119


MVMT’s sports design was created specifically for men who love an active lifestyle. It strikes the ideal combination of elegance and minimalism.

This watch has some beautiful technology and looks nice on your wrist if you’re riding, trekking, or running.

In the sports collection, there are a few models to choose from. The Maverick, notably, is a standout model. It has a black gunmetal-colored-face and a burgundy-colored-face for a far more sporty aesthetic.

Price:$159 / $119 


The classic line serves as a model for the consequent designs of the MVMT timepieces. You can switch out the stainless steel case for one much more luxurious, such as leather or metal. It’s ideal for a day at the workplace. Perfect for a night out at the pub. It’s so straightforward that there are no digits on the dial, only elegant pointers. Everything is exceptionally straightforward and simple.

Straps for Men’s Watches

The strap is, arguably, the most evident way to personalize a watch. You may quickly change up your look. MVMT understands this and has created a wide range of wristbands and straps to go with any of their timepieces.

The face is the first thing most make a note of. The band is the second point to consider. In some designs, the band stands out more than anything else.

Having the choice to switch and replace straps is nice for some. It means you may swap out your look as much as possible at a little cost.

When you choose a wristwatch from MVMT, you’ll learn which straps will work with it. You can select from black, caramel, or chestnut leather. Silicone, stainless steel, or nylon are also all options. They all have something unique to offer.

Ladies’ Collection

MVMT provides possibilities for women with the same focus on individuality as men’s MVMT. Each piece in the women’s range is well designed and adheres to the minimalist and modern aesthetic.


The Gala collection is by far the most elegant in the women’s collection. Every quarter-hour, Roman numerals appear on the dial. The rest of the face is understated and tasteful. The chain strap adds a lot of interest to the outfit. It’s elegant, feminine, and even a tad playful. The trendy rose gold, gunmetal, and silver are among the six color options available.

Price:$165 / £125


Boulevard wristwatches are the most contemporary timepieces in the entire range. Within it, there are a variety of styles to pick from. There’s a 38mm face that’s perfect for everyone. It shouldn’t be too big or too little.

The Beverly features a plain white dial with rose gold hands and indexes. A charming and silky leather strap is included. It’s the most formal of all the women’s timepieces.

Price:£79 / $99


The MVMT Bloom has a vintage feel to it. It sports a rose-tone stainless steel band in a vintage style. There’s also a jaded rose model in the brochure that is a clear illustration of a classy woman’s watch. Everybody would recognize and desire one.

Price:£135 / £105


This collection is inspired by famous people! Of course, it’s graceful, just like its siblings, simple and elegant in its work. It has a 38mm case that is dainty. It is divided into 2 time zones.

The Lunda design from the Nova collection is outstanding. It comes with a brushed nude leather strap and is finished in rose gold.

The Leo model is elegant and feminine. It boasts a gold-tone finish and a matching stainless steel band.

Price: £175 / $195

Straps for Women’s Watches

A fantastic watch can be made even superior by the strap. The straps are often just as crucial to MVMT as the faces.

Recognizing that not everyone can afford to buy a new watch for every new image, the brand has made a concerted effort to alter the materials and coloring of its straps. They include a rapid-release mechanism, so replacing them isn’t a hassle.

Article Summary

MVMT timepieces are known for their meticulous attention to precision and detail. They eliminate the middleman and sell straight from the manufacturers, allowing them to use the finest watch components at a fraction of the cost of competitor margins.

When you purchase an MVMT watch, you can expect it to last for years. You’re purchasing a watch that is unique to your preferences and style. You may add your own character to your work without breaking your bank balance.

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