A new activity band with a price point much lower than the Mi Band 3i was just introduced by Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi Band is a fitness tracker that doesn’t break the bank. But India has just introduced an even more affordable edition of the product. Although it does not include a heart rate monitor or a number of other capabilities, the Mi Band 3i can be purchased for only $18.

 The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was presented to the public in June, but the company is not finished with new product launches for the 2019 range. An Indian-manufactured product with some compromised features was made available for purchase earlier today.

A similar strategy was implemented by the firm with the launch of the Mi Band 3. Shortly after that, it released a limited edition version of the 2i, which it also referred to as the Mi Band-HRX Edition.

The heart rate sensor is the primary distinction between the Mi Band 2 and the Mi Band 2i. In essence, customers are required to pay almost a third extra in order to measure their ticker. Because the lower-spec version does not contain a heart rate sensor, it has a battery life that is approximately three to five days longer than the higher-spec version. Aside from that, there is no difference between the two, and both fitness bands use the same application.

This is most definitely the case with the Mi Band 3 and the Mi Band 3i. The primary distinction lies in the fact that the second model does not feature a heart rate sensor. You are provided with an identical 0.78-inch capacitive touch button and a monochrome AMOLED display measuring 128 x 80. The tracker will keep tabs on a variety of data, including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and hours slept. In addition to this, it has a water resistance rating of up to 50 meters and a battery life of up to 20 days.

Should the performance of a low-cost wearable device be compromised in order to achieve an even lower price point? At least for the Asian market, Xiaomi appears to believe that this is the case. Because of this, the version 2i is not sold in the United States or Europe, and we assume that the same thing will be true for the Mi Band 3i as well. This indicates that it will not likely be available for purchase in stores here in the United States, but it will be available for purchase on other online marketplaces such as Gearbest.

The new Mi Band 4 features an absolutely stunning AMOLED display that is capable of displaying full-color images. It has a resolution of 120 by 240 pixels, scratch-resistant 2.5D tempered glass, and a screen brightness of up to 450 nits. Additionally, the screen now measures 0.95 inches, which is a significant increase from its predecessor (versus 0.78 inches).

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 comes highly recommended from our end. It does not make sense to purchase a trimmed-down version that is ten dollars cheaper than the original. In the event that the firm makes the decision to do away with the heart rate sensor, the accuracy of other functions, such as the tracking of sleep, may suffer as a result. The fitness band can be used in place of a traditional pedometer.

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