A new alternative to Wear OS is available in the form of the open-source AsteroidOS

It is possible to use AsteroidOS instead of Wear OS because it is an alternative operating system that is open source and is based on Linux.

For the past four years, a relatively small team of developers has been toiling away at developing a platform for smartwatches. This week, as a result of all of their hard work, the first stable version of the software was finally released to the general public. It is compatible with a few wearable devices that use the Wear OS.

AsteroidOS 1.0, despite its very simple nature, provides most of the features that are expected of a modern smartwatch. Apps for smartphone alerts, weather updates, calendar entries, alarm clocks, chronographs, and music playback are all included in the initial version. Also included are chronograph and timer apps. Additionally, the user interface is available in a total of 20 different languages.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you’re going to need a smartwatch that’s compatible with it. The most recent version is compatible with Sony’s Smartwatch 3, the LG G Watch family of watches, and all of Asus’ Zenwatches. The team plans to add support for a wider range of smartwatches in the future.

You may also install it with Wear OS as a dual-boot by following the directions that are available on the AsteroidOS website, which explain how to port it to your device. There is also a Software Development Kit (SDK) that users can use to make their own apps and watchfaces.

The system is dependent on another system that is steady. In order to construct apps, the Qt 5.10 and the QML languages are utilized. Both OpenEmbedded and libhybris make it possible to easily port software to smartwatches. OpenEmbedded offers a complete GNU/Linux system.

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