A new, cheaper version of Fitbit's popular smartwatch, the Versa Lite, was introduced today

A few weeks ago, photos that showed Versa in hues that were not previously associated with this brand were discovered online. Although there has been some conjecture that this is the Versa 2, it has since been confirmed that this is the Versa Lite edition. Beginning today, you will be able to place a pre-order for the smartwatch on the Fitbit website.

The original and the simplified version are virtually indistinguishable in appearance. But if you look carefully, you’ll notice that there are some distinctions. In contrast to the Versa, the Lite just has a single button at its disposal. Because this is a button for turning the device on and off, all navigation will have to be accomplished by swiping and tapping on the screen. The tracker can also be purchased in a variety of additional colors, including lilac, marina blue, mulberry, and white.

The watch is constructed using the same featherweight aluminum as the original model. The dimensions, contours, and display are all identical in every respect. A heart rate sensor, connected GPS, a battery life of 4-5 days, and practically everything else that you’ll find on its predecessor are all included with the Versa Lite. The bands can be used with the models that came before them without any problems.

The question is, therefore, what are the differences?

Both on-board Wi-Fi and on-board storage for music are unavailable on the Versa Lite. The first-generation model has a memory capacity of 2.5 gigabytes, which is sufficient for more than 300 songs. Last but not least, the latest edition does not have an NFC chip. If you wish to make payments while you are out and about, you will need to purchase either the standard or special edition of the Versa.

Because there is no altimeter on board, the device will not be able to count floors when it comes to fitness tracking. Despite having a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, it will not keep track of the number of laps you swim. Last but not least, the on-screen workouts that are available on the Fitbit Coach app for the Versa are not compatible with the Fitbit Lite.

Because Fitbit has taken some shortcuts, the price of the Versa LITE has been reduced to $160, which is $40 less than the price of the full model. The availability should begin around the middle of March. Look into the cost of Amazon.

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